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Peruvian Sun-Dried Banana - Organic (125g, 600g, 5kg)


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New! Our Peruvian sun-dried Banana pieces come from a farming co-operative in the Andes region of Peru. The high altitude conditions make these fruits especially aromatic, sweet and nutritious, and the care with which they are selected, washed, dried, and packed ensures all their delicious flavour and valuable nutrients remain intact. We think you might agree this is some of the best dried banana you have ever tried!

These gently dried fruits are processed in Cajamarca, over the Andean mountain range, at more than 3000 meters above sea level, where air is dry and atmospheric pressure is low, generating conditions for the fruit to dehydrate without needing high temperatures during the process.

When drying fruits, the quality of the air is critical. Air carries the humidity away from the fruit, acting as a sponge; air absorbs humidity and moves it away from the fruit. When air is dry, the absorption capacity at a given temperature is higher. On the opposite, if the air is humid, we need to increase temperatures to maintain absorption capacity.

Atmospheric pressure is also critical; pressure is the force that water must overcome when evaporating. At high altitudes atmospheric pressure is lower, hence water requires less energy to move from liquid to gas. When dehydrating fruits, this means less energy (temperature) is required to convert water to vapour.

At Villa Andina, because of processing our fruits in Cajamarca, we are able to use low temperatures thanks to clean, dry air and low atmospheric pressure, making the texture, flavour and aroma of our natural gently dried fruits unique.


Organic Banana

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Formed and run as a family business, our supplier of Pineapple is helping to positively impact the South American Community by working with hundreds of small growers and local communities. The demand for this fruit is growing across the world and our supplier is working to provide sustainable jobs for Andean farmers. Cultivated on the pristine farmland, each shrub is carefully monitored. 

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