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Pecans - Raw and Organic (250g, 1kg)


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Try our guaranteed raw and organic pecans and taste the difference! The majority of nuts bought in the stores are heat-treated to preserve them longer on the shelves, so are technically not raw

Pecans are native to North America; the name pecan means “hard to crack.” As a good source of healthy fats, protein and fibre, the native Americans relied on them as a staple food. Similar to walnuts, they make a tasty meat substitute in your vegan recipes, and their natural sweetness lends them to raw dessert recipes like energy balls or pie crusts. Our pecans are sourced in South Africa, and are truly raw. Nearly all pecans sold commercially have been heat-treated for preservation; taste the difference! 



100% Organic Pecans

How To Use

Don’t eat more than a handful of nuts a day. Soak for around 4hrs prior to enjoy, for optimum digestion.

Store in a cool, dry place. If you have freezer space, nuts enjoy being stored in the freezer.