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The Finchley Clinic - Oxysan Powder (175g) (Replaces Colosan)


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Powerful Colon Cleanser and Oxygenator. If you've previously used Colosan and you found it beneficial, you're going to love this product.

Main features

  • Contanins oxygenated magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide
  • Around twice as strong as Colosan as a colon cleanser - so go easy on the dosage initially
  • Vastly stronger than Colosan as an oxygenator  - providing a manufacturers guaranteed minimum of 3,000ppm of oxygen release. Current batch tests at just over 3,500ppm.

Oxysan could be useful for you if :-

  • you have to strain when having a bowel movement
  • you get constipation too easily and want to maintain a clean healthy colon
  • you are experiencing regular gas and bloating
  • your diet may be too rich or you suspect you have candida yeast overgrowth
  • you are often fatigued and run out of energy
  • you have used fibre or psyllium based colon cleansers, but they haven’t worked

Oxysan Capsules vs Oxysan powder: What you need to know

1. There is no difference between the two products in terms of ingredients (apart from the capsule itself) 

2. Although they are sold at the same price, you get a lot more 'stuff' for your money with the powder than the capsules. Whenever anything is encapsulated, the encapsulation process increases the manufacturing cost, and this is reflected in our prices.

We have consistently found that capsules have always out-sold powders with all products, even if the powders are better value for money, as people just find taking capsules to be less hassle. But go for the powder if you want your money to go as far as possible.


Magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, citric acid, micro crystalline cellulose (flow agent).

Further Information

Many health practitioners contend that all disease begins in the colon and conversely that optimal well-being begins with a healthy colon. This is why we believe that for ideal health, it is critical to clear out the  accumulated feacal matter which colonic practitioners contend are typically found in the colon of the average person. There are many colon cleansing products on the market, but most of them do not have the added advantage of oxygenating the bowels at the same time. This is why we believe our colon cleansing products are the best currently available. Although some people swear by psyllium and other fibre based products, for some people they cause bloating, don't work, and are occasionally allergenic. We also think that oxysan is a better approach than using botanical laxatives, which are in our view, in essence gut irritants. Because such products do not oxygenate the colon, they do not deter anaerobic micro-organsims.

1. Aren't reactive oxygen species the same as 'harmful free radicals'? 

We could publish a detailed article about this subject, but it would go far deeper than most customers really want. So below we are going to quote the late Dr George Freibott, who the company owner met in person and spent several days with in the early 2000's. This short summary will hopefully satisfy you with the 'basics' of this subject. 

What is oxidation? A substance undergoes oxidation if it loses electrons, loses hydrogen, or gains oxygen. When oxygen is combined with sugar in the cell, ATP is formed and water and carbon dioxide are the waste products. This process of oxidation occurs constantly in the cells. Without this process taking place, life would cease very, very quickly. We take in oxygen, through our respiratory exchanges, and dispose of body effete, also referred to as ‘toxins’. Our blood has the function of picking up crucial oxygen from the lungs, transporting it to the cells, and disposing of toxins formed there.

Often today we hear of the ‘toxic free radicals’ and the free radical theory of disease causation. Yet, without free radicals the body ceases to exist. Oxygen and ozone break down to unpaired, freely bonding electron sub-units able to combine with other free radicals. These new compounds can then be excreted. The common belief today is “Free radicals are bad, nasty, harmful to the human body.” Do not be fooled! Free radicals are necessary to the functioning and nutrition of the human organism. It is the excessive proliferation of free radicals that are unnecessary to metabolic function and nutrition, and that are not scavenged by enzymes because of toxic buildup, that are harmful to the human organism.

Why are we now discussing free radicals? Because free radicals are either a boon or a bane to the state of health and homeostasis. Without the free radical oxygen, also known as O1 or nascent oxygen, ‘nasty, destructive’ free radicals cannot be efficiently eliminated by the body. The nascent free radical oxygen seeks out and combines with toxic free radicals. These destructive free radicals have accumulated due to the absence of healthy ‘free radical’ oxygen. This absence has hindered the whole oxidative cycle of our aerobic bodies. The ingestion of ozone and magnesium peroxide raise the level of oxygen in the body, and contribute to improved health through improved oxidation and oxygenation.

2. Should I take antioxidants when taking Oxysan?

Ideally yes. Actually whether or not you are taking Oxysan. But even more when taking Oxysan or any similar product. Healthy cells are coated with an antioxidant coating which protects against free radicals so only unhealthy micro-organisms should be attacked by them, providing dietary antioxidants are sufficiently high. 

3. Is there anything else I need to know about taking Oxysan and Antioxidants?

Yes. If you are taking Vitamin C supplements, we recommend taking them 2 hours or more away from Oxysan. Oxygen therapy products and Vitamin C can diminish one another if taken at the same time. Other antioxidants do not seem to be affected, but Vitamin C seems to be a 'special case'.


Click here to play the interview with Mark Lester of The Finchley Clinic, talking about over 25 years in the health food industry, the benefits of oxygen therapy, and introducing us to the cutting-edge health products colosan, PQQ, and NADH.

How To Use

Sensitive individuals should start on 1/4 tsp per-day only. If even that's too strong, you can reduce even lower.

Avergage  / typical individuals: For an initial 7 day cleanse, we recommend 1/4-1 tsp taken once per-day with ½ to 1 glass of water on an empty stomach.

Adjust the dosage up or down as much as needed depending on how strongly you respond, and whether you are aiming to do a colon cleanse (in which case you will probably want to take a higher dosage), or just enough to gently soften your stools (in which case a lower dosage may well be sufficient). Not surprisingly, a higher dosage will have a stronger colon flushing effect than a lower dosage. 

Maintenance: Use as often as needed.