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Kiki Health - Spermidine (60 x 700mg caps)


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Unlock the key to vibrant well-being with our premium Spermidine capsules, derived from the finest wheat germ extract.

Spermidine, a naturally occurring polyamine found in various foods, plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular functions and supporting vital processes within the body.

Our meticulously crafted capsules are made from carefully selected, 100% pure, natural, non-GMO wheat germ, ensuring optimal potency and bioavailability of this essential nutrient.

Through advanced formulation, our formula enhances spermidine absorption, maximising its benefits for cellular health.

Spermidine is perfect for those practicing intermittent fasting, providing vital support during fasting periods for optimal well-being and cellular rejuvenation.

Don't be put off by the peculiar name! This polyamine was originally isolated by a Dutch scientist in the 1600s. Now it's sourced from plants and is 100% vegan. As it supports mitochondrial function, its popular among bio-hackers and those looking for the latest developments in longevity supplementation.


Spermidine-rich wheat germ extract 15:1 (Triticum aestivum)

Shell Capsule: Hypromellose

How To Use

Adults take 1 – 2 capsules daily after food. 

For those on an intermittent fasting regime, our spermidine supplement should be taken after the last meal.