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Jungle Peanut Crush - Activated (170g)


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Found in the Jungle. Tamed in Devon. Peanut Butter, re-invented. This is Jungle Peanut Crush.

Rediscover the pure taste of wild peanuts, as they were over 1,000 years ago. Indigenous to the Amazonian rainforests, jungle peanuts are the original heirloom variety. We source wild jungle peanuts to bring you the world’s first bio-activated™️ Jungle Peanut Crush.

Wild jungle peanuts are far superior to your everyday peanut. Not only do they have a richer taste, with a unique flavour profile, but they are also higher in nutrients owed to the ancient jungle soils from where they grow. To make the best food, you have to start with the best ingredients. Compared to standard crossbred peanuts, wild peanuts are naturally aflatoxin free and contain more resveratrol. They are also high very high in protein and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and manganese

No product on the market has released the true potential of these peanuts, until now


Organic, bioactivated jungle peanuts.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy599 Kcal 2506 kj
Fat48.6 g
of which saturates8.8 g
Carbohydrate10.5 g
- of which sugars4.9 g
Dietary Fiber5.6 g
Protein30.8 g
Salt0.24 mg

Further Information

Handmade in micro-batches over three days. Using earth-friendly holistic practises at our eco facility in Devon, UK. We make next-generation foods. Unlocked and ready for absorption, through our unique bio-activation™️ and holistic crafting methods. Curious about our process? Read on. Not raw, but not roasted. Not soaked or activated, but bio-activated. Following stricter requirements. First, we make sure the living seeds of plants are in their ideal environment for growth. Next, we slow cook at low temperature, reducing nutrient loss and glycotoxin formation. Finally we cold mill at a steady rate to make our signature crush. A hybrid texture to delight the senses and nourish the microbiome.

We're here to put an end to nutrient-void, indigestible food. And we do this with minimal environmental impact. Without a penny paid to industries that exploit people or animals.