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How to do Raw Foods in Winter (Video)


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There are certain things you need to understand to sustain a raw diet when the sun isn’t out, otherwise it can be detrimental to your health to try and be living on salads and smoothies in December, but once you’ve grasped the basic principles, it’s straightforward. Just ask the Scandinavians – despite having really cold winters, there is a thriving raw food scene in the Scandinavian countries, particularly Iceland.

The best time of year to start a raw food diet is in the Spring and Summer. Many people start in the warmer months, and then go back to their previous normal diet during the Winter. It is possible to do a raw diet when its cold, just much harder! If you’re looking for advice on how to make raw sustainable during the long cold dark winter months then this is the video for you. Kate discusses

    • strategies for creating inner heat
    • the dangers of eating too much cold food in a cold climate
    • the best non-raw foods to include to support the body’s energy

Included in this video is a demonstration of a warming winter soup recipe, Green Goddess Soup. Kate talks about raw soups, and gives guidelines on preparing and serving them. Kelp noodles are featured in the recipe, and a full explanation of what they are and how to use this most popular of raw ingredients. A downloadable PDF with the full recipe instructions on it is included.

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