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SuperTonic Herbs - Empath (90g)


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EMPATH is important for our times. Empath helps healers replenish their essential healing powers. We can sometimes feel drained after working with clients and patients. Healers and empathic people including but not limited to school teachers, psychoanalysts, and even auto mechanics can feel this drainage from demands of the job. Empath is an advancement of a classic formula called Healer’s Tea, used for many centuries by Chinese acupuncturists, acupressurists, and massage practitioners, and is also referred to as Honeymooners tea.

The herbs in EMPATH include:

Dendrobium is called the “Healer’s Herb;” deeply replenishes kidney essence. Dendrobium is the primary Yin-replenishing herb in all TCM.

Goji and Schizandra are two berries taken by Asia’s famed Immortal Goddesses.

Licorice fortifies and “harmonizes”.

Reishi, Albizzia flower, and Polygalasupport and protect the healer’s auric energy field.

Rehmannia and Ophiopogon nourish Yin.

Lohan quo is nowadays called Monkfruit; an excellent sweetener and Lung tonic.

Bamboo is high in silica, to prevent caking and increase cellular hydration of the formula in liquid. ORMUS is a special energetic device, derived from 10-mile-deep Bolivian salts. ORMUS is said to amplify the effects of the other herbs in the formula.


Excipient-free 10:1 powdered extracts of Dendrobium, Rehmannia, Reishi, Goji, Schizandra, Asparagus Root, Ligustrum, Polygala, Albizzia flower, Licorice, Bamboo, Lohan quo, ORMUS

Further Information

I am a tonic herbalist in the 5000 year old Gate of Life lineage (est. 2975 BC) of Chinese Tonic Herbalism. After completing an eight-year traditional apprenticeship, my
teacher entitled me Superior Herbalist. He and I are theonly persons in the western world to hold such titles. Because of this, I feel entrusted and duty-bound to uphold the wise traditions and integrity of these ancient herbal teachings. Now 22 years after going out on my own, and writing 4 books on Tonic herbalism, I am ready to release the most sophisticated super-formulas of my career. My deep understanding of TCM alchemy is evident in these formulations, and their efficacy.

As we move into a new age, I have created many innovations including introducing pure, excipient-free, 10:1 powdered herbal extracts (zero fillers or bulking agents). I also innovated the straight-sided jar with bulk powdered herb extracts to drink as elixirs. I pioneered the use of bamboo (high in silica) to prevent caking (hardening) of the powders, and I introduced adding Shilajit and ORMUS into the formulas. Shilajit is the top Rasayan in Ayurvedic medicine, and is undoubtedly the most health-bestowing substance on Earth. Shilajit is composed of concentrated mineral and humic remains of primeval forests ~ entire eco-systems ~ and is said to contain all 125 elements. My Shijalit is sourced in the high Himalayas, and is in the traditional triphala blend, as used by Sufis. ORMUS
was taken by Egyptian Pharaohs as a longevity tonic; urns containing ORMUS have been found in Egyptian tombs. ORMUS is thought to be a “dedication device” existing at the threshold between energy and matter. These ingredients act as amplifiers of the beneficial effects. 

Having formulated many sophisticated herb products for Shaman Shack Herbs, Moon Juice, CAP Beauty and more, I feel it is time to invest my full knowledge and spirit into a unique herb product line. Surely, these are among the top-most sophisticated formulas in the powdered herb extract market. 

About Empath:

Empath is one of my most unique formulations, based on an ancient tea used by healers to replenish Yin. On many occasions I have relied on this precious combination to revive my healing energies. 

Firstly, who is a healer? Here are a few examples…

  • Massage practitioner  
  • Acupressurist
  • Energy healer
  • Teacher
  • Mom
  • Accountant
  • Mechanic
  • Pastor
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Midwife
  • And, certainly not limited to those, but anyone who people come to during times of need will see the benefits of this herb mixture.

Many of us are empathic: particularly, I proudly state, those who gravitate to my formulas!

We must cultivate and support our vital essences in order to maintain energy to help others. The ancient Taoist health Masters called this energy Jing; this vital essence is held in our kidneys. Jing can be likened to our personal wellspring, or a savings account passed down through our blood line (epigenetics).

Our distant ancestors had a lot of Jing; we saw robust men and sanguine women, and fertility was strong. Now in the modern world, many destructive agents are chipping away at our Jing. The signs are poor health, weak immunity, low energy, infertility, and especially noticeable ~ the absence of creativity, wonder, and adventure.

Jing is a finite energy cultivated and held in the kidneys, and is associated with youthfulness, fertility, and aging.

We can help ourselves and others replenish Jing; to fill our/their wellspring and empower our/their lives with abundance. But this takes energy, and sometimes we can give too much of our vital Jing to these needy ones. Being there to help others during times of need may come with a price. This is particularly critical if you feel drained after helping others. When needy ones come to you for emotional support, you may feel a “pulling” from the lower back. If you’re not careful, this can seriously debilitate you. It’s true; it happened to me in my early days as a healer.

Empath is referred to as a “Yin replenishing” formula which can act amazingly quickly to restore spent Jing. As mentioned, I have relied on these herbs on many occasions to avoid burnout. Truly, I now work at festivals where I may offer 100 pulse readings per day, and I find EMPATH essential during those events.


Click here to play the newest interview with Rehmannia Dean Thomas, about his history as a tonic herbalist, and his new line of formulas, SuperTonic Herbs. Rehmannia is one of only a handful of Westeners to hold the title of Superior Herbalist, and this is reflected in the quality of his formulas, and the extent of his communication with the plants. He shares with us the properties of Ormus and Shilajit, as well as on the top five tonic herbs, including Astragalus, Schizandra and Rehmannia.

How To Use

Add ¾ teaspoon to a mug of hot water. Add creamer (suggested milks of almond, 
 cashew, oat, flax,) and sweetener to taste.