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Islensk Hollusta - Dried Crowberry Powder (100g)


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Empetrum nigrum; the crowberry is common all over Iceland. The characteristic traits are the needle-like fleshy leaves and the black berries.

These berries are little bursts of trapped sunshine and our ancestors quickly learned to preserve them any way they could - frozen, dried, juiced and jammed. Icelandic wild berries grow slowly but develop a much richer flavor as a result. The short and cold summers mean that the berries are in short supply for most of the year and are considered a rare treat. The wild berries of Iceland have a flavor unlike anything else and are immensely rich in antioxidants.


100% wild, natural, handpicked, wild Icelandic crowberries. Dried.

Further Information

Islensk hollusta is a brand founded in 2005 by Icelandic biologist Eyjólfur Friðgeirsson. His aim was to develop and produce health foods from Iceland. The company set out by producing herbal teas, spices, condiments, cheese, snacks, herb-marinated seaweed, berry juice and bath products. In September 2009, Friðgeirsson received an award from SI - the federation of Icelandic Industries, for his pioneering work.            

Friðgeirsson’s work is creative and original. He came up with new ways of producing Icelandic products, such as toasting sugar kelp to make a healthy snack, using birch, mountain herbs and angelica for cheese making, putting rhubarb and angelica together to make chutney, or mixing pulverised pumice and earth extracted salt from a borehole in Reykjanes to make a bath salt with health benefits.            

The ideals behind Íslensk hollusta are to use pure, Icelandic natural products and to let them enjoy their own freshness and simplicity using traditional Icelandic methods but reinventing cultural traditions. All ingredients are handpicked in Iceland with an emphasis on sustainability. Friðgeirsson wants to show others that nature can be our food supply.            

Íslensk hollusta supplies a number of prestigious clients within the restaurant industry with herbs, berries and seaweed. 


Ragnheiður Axel Eyjólfsdóttir of Islensk Hollusta introduces us to their range of wild-harvested, hand-picked seaweeds, berries, herbs and salts. Iceland is a unique country, with exceptionally pure air and water, and seasonal extremes of light and dark, that produces incomparable plant foods of extraordinary resilience and power. Listen here. 

How To Use

Crowberries have an intensity of flavour unlike anything else. If you love acai and our purple corn extract, you will love these! Add to desserts, smoothies, m*lks, use as a granola or smoothie bowl topping.