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Activated Mixed Nuts - Raw & Organic (200g, 1kg, 5kg)


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Nuts are designed by nature to stay intact as they pass through the body, in order to retain their integrity so they can plant themselves into soil and grow into a new plant. So if we want to access the nutrition of these powerful little storehouses, we need to give them a helping hand. We do this through a process known as "activation": simply put, we soak them to release the enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid. Then we dehydrate them at low temperatures to preserve the enzymes and nutrients

Our activated organic mixed nuts are very crunchy and very slightly salty. They are a delicious combination of almonds, brazils, pecans and walnuts.

The end product is a light, crunchy nut that we think you will agree, is as super delicious as it is super nutritious. It's still not wise to overeat on nuts though, however good we've made them taste! The rule is to eat as many in a day as you can hold in the palm of your hand. They're great for snacking, in a home made trail mix, blended for a creamy nut milk, or crushed and sprinkled over a salad.

If stored in a cool dry place will keep well.

Note: Small children can choke on nuts. May contain pieces of shell.


Organic activated almonds, organic activated brazil nuts, organic activated pecan nuts, organic activated walnuts, Celtic sea salt 1%

Further Information

You may be wondering what Activated means? Strict EU regulations forbid us from revealing too much, but we can say that we have a dedicated team of highly trained fairy folk who stay up all night sprinkling their magic dust over the entire factory in order to take the activation process to the next level. We only employ the most skilled fairy folk in the land, so we can confidently say that these nuts are as activated as they come. 


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How To Use

Try them as a convenient snack, or sprinkle a handful over your favourite salad for an extra tasty crunch. Makes instant nut milk - blend 2T of nuts with 500 ml water, and strain through a milk bag. Much more environmental and affordable than shop-bought plant milk.