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Chlorella Tablets (500mg) - Organic (250g, 1kg, 5kg)


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These Organic Chlorella tablets are simply our Chlorella powder, pressed. Nothing added. Chlorella is a type of single-celled blue-green algae, which is grown as a food. Chlorella is about 40% protein, and contains a unique substance called CGF, or chlorella growth factor.

Our organic Chlorella powder is manufactured in freshwater on a small island in the South China sea, 2000 miles away from where the unfortunate incident happened in Japan. Every batch undergoes a heavy metal test at the production facility and the UK port health authorities check for radiation for any products they deem at risk or have potential for exposure as well.

Chlorella has many similar properties to Spirulina, but it doesn’t taste quite as bad!

Chlorella has a tough fibrous cell-wall which needs to be broken down during processing to ensure bioavailability of its nutritional contents. Not all chlorella products are effectively processed in this way, that may lead to poor digestibility. Raw Living Chlorella went through a specialised cracked-cell processing system.

Our Chlorella is dried using a spray drying system - a technique to dry temperature sensitive foods, supplements and pharmaceuticals without impairing their delicate composition. The chlorella has its cell-wall ruptured by this process which makes it 85% digestable (certified), and nutritionally available to the body. The cracking of the cells in this way, rather than their pulverisation, means that the nutritious contents are not spoiled. It is only once the chlorella enters the stomach that the nutrients are released, and get to work nourishing the body. This system delivers the maximum possible nutritional value and digestibility.

It's potency and purity have been rigorously tested. The Chlorella is free of toxic residues and has no chemical additives. The Chlorella powder is grown without the use of agrichemicals or pesticides, and is processed under rigid quality control and sanitation standards.

From Wikipedia:

Following global fears of an uncontrollable population boom, during the late 1940s and the early 1950s Chlorella was seen as a new and promising primary food source and as a possible solution to the then current world hunger crisis. Many people during this era thought that world hunger was a growing problem and saw Chlorella as a way to end this crisis by being able to provide large amounts of high quality food for a relatively low cost.


100% Organic Chlorella Vulgaris

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy326 Kcal 1370 kj
Fat6.7 g
- of which saturates0.95 g
Carbohydrate11.2 g
- of which sugars2.5 g
Dietary Fiber2.1 g
Protein57.5 g
Salt50 mg


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How To Use

10 tablets (5g) per day, with water. 

Eat them with cucumber sticks to make them go down more easily!

Dip them in honey or coconut nectar if you find the taste unpalatable.