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Cashew Nuts - Raw, Organic, Hand Cracked (250g, 1kg, 5kg, 22.68kg)


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We are pleased to offer premium, organic, cold-cracked Cashew nuts.

The cashew nut comes from a red fruit, that looks a little like an apple. To remove the nut from the fruit, cashew fruits are boiled at high temperatures. All commercially sold cashews are never raw. To produce raw cashews is a very labour intensive process, as the farmers must sit and peel the cashews by hand. The nut is surrounded by a strong acid, so the farmers must wear protective gloves to stop it damaging their hands. The difference in taste is huge, our truly raw cashews are creamy and softer than store-bought cashews. They also sprout when you soak them. Cashew nuts are used frequently in raw vegan recipes, so if you want your dishes to be truly raw, these are a staple item.

Origin: Vietnam


Organic Cashew Nuts

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy640 Kcal 2656 kj
Fat52 g
- of which saturates12 g
Carbohydrate36 g
- of which sugars22 g
Dietary Fiber4 g
Protein16 g
Salt20 mg


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How To Use

Soak 4-6 hours before consuming. Cashews have the highest carbohydrate content of any nut, so their starchy nature makes them a popular option for raw vegan cheeses and cheesecakes. Cashews can be hard on the digestion, so we recommend not eating more than a handful in a day.