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Skysprouts - Biosnacky 3 Tier Germinator


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Ideal for growing three individual varieties at the same time. Consists of three separate trays so perfect to keep a regular supply of sprouts in your house. The separate trays allow you to grow your sprouts at staggered intervals so you can grow different varieties or stagger your starting times so that you have one batch ready to eat whilst another is just beginning to germinate.

Made from environmentally friendly, food safe glass acrylic. Dishwasher safe.

How To Use

Seed Germinators are designed to help make sprouting as easy as possible, by providing the best conditions for growth. 

Simple to use as this one doesn’t require any filling or draining, simply water from the top and let the bottom tray collect any excess. With this sprouter you will need to soak the seed separately in a jar or mug until they are ready to begin growing. Pop them in the tray and water daily morning and evening by pouring water onto the top tray. The water filters down through a purposefully designed capillary action to ensure that all the layers of seed are watered evenly and your sprouts remain moist. Between uses wash with a cleaning detergent and water.