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Organic Bio-activated Peanut Crush - Nut Butter (170g, 500g)


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The new generation of peanut butter is finally here! Bio-activated and packed with unlocked protein, nutrients and pure peanut flavour. In other words, you can finally make the most of the nutrients stated on the nutrition label. Because the combination of bio-activation, baking and milling have transformed this product into proper nourishment.

The journey begins by sourcing living peanuts from small and sustainable co-operatives in Uzbekistan. Only living peanuts may undergo our transformation. But why change them at all? Because peanuts are high in anti-nutrients! Meaning you don't get all the protein, vitamins and minerals stated on the label. And this is the reason why our ancestors spent so much time preparing their food. Because in doing so, they made more nutrients and protein for the body to absorb. Not to mention the added benefit of removing carcinogenic mycotoxins.

Peanut Crush tastes excellent in the usual ways, such as with toast, banana and jam. But also in satays and brownies. So go ahead and enjoy this pure peanut butter experience. Knowing every spoonful nourishes you with bio-active protein, energy-yielding B vitamins, folate, and vitamin E

And no, we never source our peanuts from China or Argentina.


Organic, bioactivated peanuts

May contain traces of tree nuts/seeds

Further Information

Founded by two nutrition scientists, Plant Generation unlocks the whole nourishment of nuts and seeds. How? By breaking down their defences and removing toxins using ancient knowledge, now backed by modern science. Over days, we perform a series of steps known as bio-activation. These processes increase our product's digestibility, nutrients, and flavour. You see, each seed requires unique conditions to deliver proper nourishment.

Following ancient practices, bio-activation starts by sourcing living seeds. We then hydrate these seeds to kick start germination. This process of life stimulates growth, transforming the protective and often bitter anit-nutrients such as lectins, phyates, tannins and enzyme inhibitors into nutrients. However, the benefits of bio-acitvation go beyond anti-nutrients. It also removes carcinogenic mould toxins commonly found in nuts and seeds. Furthermore, bio-activated seeds are protected from toxic AGEs formed during cooking - essential to elminitae heat-sensitive anti-nutrients. Lastly, we use a cold mill to crush our seeds, preventing damage to the nutrients and fats by limiting heat and contact with the air.

The result is our gourmet range of bio-activated nut butter, uncompromising in its ability to nourish you. Produced in the UK under the highest ecological standards, without a penny given to those exploiting humans, animals and our planet.