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Bee Baltic - Raw Propolis (30g)


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Since ancient times Baltic Elders were using Raw Propolis. It is a pure substance kindly produced by our bees from tree buds and resin. Baltic folk medicine uses Propolis for many, many uses.

Baltic bees roam wild meadows and woodlands which ensure that the bees are happy and healthy! From our hives to your home, we take the utmost care to share with you our pure, wildcrafted and sustainably sourced Propolis. Our family of devoted beekeepers guarantees that our Propolis is 100% natural and retains all of its natural properties.

We consider it to be a first port of call, alongside colloidal silver and high strength curcumin.


100% raw propolis

Further Information

My name is Paul and after years of living in the busy finance environment, I decided it was time to make a change. London was full of action, new experiences and interesting people, but I was always missing something that was deep within me – nature.

During the next year I left my finance career and moved back to Lithuania, where I immersed myself in my Baltic heritage. I turned to the deep roots of my ancestors and learned the real honey traditions passed down by generations of beekeepers. My aim was to bring a spoonful of unspoilt nature to our fast-paced modern world, and that’s how Bee Baltic was born.

Baltic bees roam wild meadows and woodlands filled with native wildflowers, linden blossoms and wild buckwheat to make deliciously healthy, sweet honey. Our job is to provide them with a safe and ethical environment to thrive in.

But due to 21st century’s extreme use of pesticides, pollution and expansion of big cities, bees are on a steep decline all around the world. And as they pollinate about 70% of all food crops, bees are crucial to our environment.

That’s why Bee Baltic works with a selection of small-scale local beekeepers that promote ethical beekeeping practices. Through our bee products, you can support the sustainable and responsible beekeeping, which will help to save the bees.

Just like my grandfather passed on the love of bees to me, so is Bee Baltic sharing the goodness of real honey with you.

Thanks to mother nature, we can offer you honey in its most natural form – unprocessed, unpasteurized, and 100% raw. Unlike shop bought honey, raw honey is completely free of antibiotics and pesticides. It’s naturally antibacterial and is a great supplement to your diet.

All of our honey is gently filtered by hand to remove any large solids to make it into a heavenly golden liquid. Unlike industrialized heat treatment and filtering, the traditional preparation method of honey keeps all the natural nutritional properties.

Due to the natural process of glucose separating from water, raw honey will crystallize as time goes by. While many people believe that this is a sign of honey going bad, it’s quite the opposite. The crystallization process is a sign that your honey is natural, without added sugar syrups and heat treatments.

Sustainable and ethical beekeeping practices is what Bee Baltic stands for. We take great pride in our traditional beekeeping methods. As a result, our bees are cared for with natural healing remedies, which are free from any antibiotics. Our honey is tested at a certified laboratory to meet the standards of 100% raw and natural honey.

We deeply care for the bees and their existence. Bee Baltic’s priority is to ensure they have a safe environment that they can flourish in. To help us make an impact that matters, all you have to do is enjoy our Baltic liquid gold.


Click here to play the podcast interview with Bee Baltic founder Paulius Chockevičius and learn how we went from book keeper to bee keeper, following in the tradition of his Lithuanian grandfather, and helping to ensure the preservation of the ecoystem of the bees and their habitat.

How To Use

Propolis gum has so many wonderful uses that we are not allowed to tell you about. You can chew a small amount, like chewing gum, and once you have finished with it either spit it out, or if it's semi-dissolved then swallow it. This is a wonderful way to receive the magic of unadulterated raw propolis.

Store in a cool, dry place. You can also try to DIY bee propolis tincture at home. Add some propolis to a glass container and pour over a high percentage spirit (at least 70%). Keep for a couple of weeks, and every now and then shake your glass container, to mix the contents. After two weeks, filter contents through a clean cheesecloth. Apply your own made propolis tincture to any needed health issues.