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Now Alchemy - Beauty (BeYouTy) (50ml / 50 servings)


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For healthy and youthful skin.

Now Alchemy's organic liposomal absorption technology makes for the highest quality life enhancement elixirs on the market. Our founder, Archer Love, invested years into researching liposomal sciences to formulate the perfect combinations of potent extracts with medicinal ingredients in a homogenous form that truly works.

Organic: Other companies providing liposomal and nanoenhanced supplements add horrible chemicals like polisorbate and DMSO to their products. Then they need to add artificial flavors to cover up the chemicals. For this reason thou should be very cautious of liposomal supplements. However, Now Alchemy uses only all natural and organic ingredients to acheive the process of lipomsomal encapsulation, and nanoenhanced delivery, and because it naturally tastes so good there is no need to add any sort of artifical flavors!

Potent: All Now Alchemy elixir are alcohol free. After conducting duel extractions, and utilizing ultrasonic homoginization as an extraction medium, Now Alchemy purifies the extract to as high of a potency as absolutely possible. This means the extract is up to 50 times the concentrated as the dried and pulverized mushroom, herb or plant itself. So thou needeth not to take a bunch of capsules or smother thy food in it like a sauce, thou might simply place a couple droppers under thy tongue, or add a couple droppers to anything. It tastes great and the benefits work quickly.

Liposomal & Nanoenhanced: Now Alchemy ingredients are 10 times as absorptive as the other mushrooms on the market due to the utilization of highly advanced, organic, liposomal and nanoenhanced technology.

Great for Children:Now Alchemy's elixirs have a hardly noticeable flavor that is slightly sweet and earthly. These make a great choice for children because adding a couple drops to their food or drink will not change the flavor of what they are consuming. You might only notice the delicious flavor if you apply servings straight to your tongue. Children only need about 25% of the amount as an adult though, so rather than giving a child a couple droppers full, just give them a couple drops.


  • Lycopene
  • Mucopolysaccharide 
  • Calendula (20:2 Extract)
  • CoQ10
  • Acerola Cherry (Vitamin C)
  • Glycine (Organic Algae Source)
  • Proline (Organic Algae Source)
  • Hydroxyproline (Organic Algae Source)
  • Goji Berry (10:1 Extract)
  • Purified Living Well Water
  • Phosphatidylcholine
  • Coconut Glycerine
  • Birch Tree Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Love

Nutritional Information

Primary Ingredients: Gold • 85+ Naturally Occurring Minerals • Pure Water

Other Naturally Occuring Ingredients: Antimony • Barium • Beryllium • Bismuth • Boron • Bromine • Cadmium • Calcium • Cesium • Chloride • Chromium • Cobalt  • Dysprosium • Erbium • Europium • Gadolinium • Gallium • Hafnium • Hydrogen • Holmium • Indium • Iron • Iodine • Iridium • Lanthanum • Lithium • Lutetium • Magnesium • Manganese • Molybdenum • Neodymium • Nickel • Niobium  • Phosphorus • Potassium •Praseodymium • Rhenium • Rubidium  • Samarium • Scandium • Selenium • Silicon • Silver • Sodium • Sulfur • Strontium • Tantalum • Tellurium • Terbium • Thulium • Thorium • Tin • Titanium • Tungsten • Vanadium • Ytterbium • Yttrium • Zinc • Zirconium

Further Information

The first documented use of Ormus dates back to the Ancient Egyptians. King Solomon also made it in 950 BC with the same process used by Prescott & Love Alchemy, as well as the Essenes, a group of Jews including Jesus Christ who lived in the dessert and practiced voluntary detachment of all material things and sex.

Ormus is an alchemically collected, 4th dimensional substance that occurs in nature. Prescott sources this Ormus from the Dead Sea and collects it from Dead Sea salt. There is no salt in the final product.

The term Ormus comes from Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements and was coined by David Hudson, a wealthy farmer who discovered this substance’s vibrational characteristics in his soil and initiated research concluding that an element can exist in its Ormus state, i.e. Ormus Gold, Ormus Silver, Ormus Copper, Ormus Palladium, ect. Ormus elements can be of metals, such as gold, but they do not exist in their metal state, which would be toxic to the body, but rather in their m-state form, which is bio-available and actually magnificently beneficial to the body in numerous regenerative ways, all pertaining specifically to that element, separating one elements benefits from any other. Ormus Gold has it’s own specific benefits, as does Silver Ormus and so on. David Hudson’s research further concluded that the Ormus substances are not technically monatomic, but similar in that they do not exist in large clusters such as mineral forms of these elements do. Rather, an Ormus element is a super-conducting element in a class all on it’s own, separate from the periodic table. This is a high-spin state of elements and has more accurately been termed, m-state elements, but still widely referred to as Ormus, or monatomic elements. Since the exciting findings of David Hudson, many other modern researchers have taken stride in studying the regenerative Ormus substances. One of which is a man named David Wolfe, whose team of researchers concluded that m-state gold, otherwise known as Ormus Gold, has the following benefits: 

Prescott & Love Alchemy’s Ormus is love, gratitude and abundance:

If you have tried Ormus before you may have noticed a salty taste. This would tell you the Ormus has not been filtered properly and is not in its pure state. Prescott has a unique and proprietary technique for filtering this Ormus that allows for the purity, supreme taste and bio-availability. He begins with an ancient and well known method for collecting Ormus from Dead Sea salt known as the “Milk & Honey”. This technique is most beneficial for the yield of monoatomic gold and other alchemically healing Dead Sea energies. Prescott's simple but genius filtration method allows your body to accept the m-state elements without triggering a defense response as it would with a salt water flush. Ormus is an exciting discovery and there is no time better than now to introduce this eye-opening and healing substance into your world because the soils are less concentrated in these natural elements than every before. 

  • Opening to the third eye
  • Increases manifesting potential
  • Helps to induce the Theta brain state
  • Balances left and right brain hemispheres
  • Relaxes nervous system
  • Increases brain capacity
  • Elevation of subconscious patterns of behavior & thought
  • Increased spiritual and physical awareness
  • Increased spiritual “connectedness”
  • Increased psychic phenomenon
  • Boosted neurotransmitter production
  • Increased dream lucidity
  • Anti-aging characteristics
  • Increased metabolic rate and cell rejuvenation
  • Removal of bad calcium build-up at the topical point of application
  • Hyper-structuring of water
  • Accelerated or even miraculous healing
  • Balancing of the chakras
  • Synchronization of physiology
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Neutralizes negativity in the cells
  • Increases sense of overall well-being
  • Relieves stress & anxiety
  • Increases speed of manifestation
  • Increases human aura(bio-magnetic sheath)

How Do I Take Gold Ormus? Because our Ormus is exceptionally concentrated, we recommend that you start with just one full dropper, sublingually, twice per day. You can also mix it with a little bit of water & lemon. Once you asses your desires effects you can use it however often you please. You can use it every day and multiple times a day, or you can simply use it before meditations, meetings, or practice.

Does your Ormus have an expiration date? No. It is pure & non-perishable.

Is Ormus addictive? No. Ormus is not addictive, but actually will help people break addictions permanently.

Can I overdose? No, but the effects of Ormus can be powerful, so we do recommend that you start as directed.

How long does it take to notice the effects of Ormus? The experience is different for everyone. Many factors determine how long it will take for you to notice the effects of Ormus, but the usual feedback is between the first usage and the first two weeks, and the effects increase over time with daily use.


Listen to our podcast interview with Archer Love, founder of Now Alchemy, by clicking Here. Archer explains what Ormus is, tells us a little bit about its history, what it does, and how to use it.

How To Use

Take 1-3 fuller droppers per day. Add to coffee, tea, or water in the morning on an empty stomach, or with meals. Either ingest directly into mouth or easily mixes with water, food and drink. For children just add a couple drops to food and drink. This elixir has a gentle and delicious taste.