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Hemp Seeds Shelled (European) - Organic (250g, 1kg, 5kg, 20kg)


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The little white hemp seeds are the whole hemp seed with their outer husks removed.

Our organic shelled Hemp seeds are guaranteed grown in Europe - in Lithuania and Estonia.

Whole hemp seeds can be quite gritty, and have a strong slightly bitter taste. The shelled seed has a slightly nutty taste.

    • Naturally rich in Omega 3 EFA's, 1 serving (30g) of Shelled Hemp gives the entire daily intake of Omega 3
    • Rich in Protein - 9g per Serving
    • Natural source of Omega 6 GLA - 400mg per serving or the equivalent of 2.5x capsules of Evening Primrose Oil
    • Suitable for Vegetarians & vegans, and free from allergens (Nuts, Gluten, Dairy,...)
        0.00% THC - it is completely safe to eat


          Organic Hemp Seeds

          Nutritional Information

          Nutritional Informationper 100g
          Energy514 Kcal 2143 kj
          Fat41 g
          - of which saturates4 g
          Carbohydrate15 g
          - of which sugars1.7 g
          Dietary Fiber9.3 g
          Protein30 g
          Salt5 mg


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          How To Use

          Shelled hemp seeds are much easier to use than whole hemp seeds. Use them as you would any other nut or seed. They don't need pre-soaking.

          Savoury uses: salad topping, blend into a mayonnaise, or as a pesto base, hemp cheese

          Sweet uses: hemp cream, in smoothies, as a dessert topping

          To make hemp milk, blend 2tbsp hemp seeds with 500 ml water & add sweetener to taste.