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Mountain Shilajit Resin (10g, 40g, 250g)


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Shilajit is a resin sourced from the Altai mountains in Siberia. It is essentially just decomposed high-altitude plants, and as such is exceptionally high in a wide range of minerals. It has been traditionally used in India and Tibet for centuries. It is rich in both Fulvic Acid and Humic Acid. Also known as pitch, this soil is extracted from crevices between the rocks, and is believed to have numerous benefits that we are not allowed to mention here. It is extremely complex, containing many naturally occurring compounds that are used to treat various mental and physical conditions. It is a dark, sticky paste with a salty taste, not dissimilar to Marmite.

Our high grade Shilajit is naturally purified and laboratory tested. It is fairly traded with local villagers who have been working with Shilajit for countless generations.
Fulvic Acid 77%
Humic Acid 6.9%

Packed in Miron glass jars for ultimate protection.
(Note the 10g is not in a Miron glass jar - the 40g & 250g are.)

No fillers or additives. Vegan. Gluten free (not certified). Packaged in the UK.
Kate says, "Shilajit is a must in our current climate, for reasons the authorities hate us to talk about! Easiest to drink it as a tea, but my Chocolate Mud Pie recipe (see Further Info tab below) is my current cake of choice."


100% pure shilajit resin

Further Information

Check out Kate's Chocolate Mud Pie recipe here. Shilajit is the star ingredient!

How To Use

Dissolve a pea sized amount (300-500mg) in warm or hot water, and drink.

We recommend warming the spoon in a mug with the hot water, then it's easier to spoon the shilajit from the jar.

Sweeten to taste. It goes well with vanilla stevia.

It goes great blended into a hot chocolate drink.

Servings per jar: Approximately 100 - 3 months supply.