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Primal Alchemy - Poseidon Force Phytoplankton (100g)


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Prana charged marine phytoplankton powder.

Poseidon Force is a unique strain of marine phytoplankton, nature's original & most potent superfood source that evolved in the primordial oceans of ancient earth over 3 billion years ago.

The only marine phytoplankton in the world to be Prana Charged with a state of the art quantum orgone energy generator. Charged to 432Hz and contained in premium miron glass for maximal energetic potency and protection.

100% pure DNA Verified Nannochloropsis Gaditana powder, a gift to humanity from the oceanic God himself, Poseidon.

  • 🚫  ABSOLUTELY FREE FROM: Artificial; Sweeteners, Flavours, Colours, Preservatives, Binding & Filling Agents, GMOs, Gluten, Soy and Hydrogenated Fats.


DNA Verified Nannochloropsis Gaditana Marine Phytoplankton

Cultivated in a strictly controlled & technologically advanced photo-bioreactor site in the Netherlands. Freeze dried and quality checked by the onsite laboratory.

Further Information

Primal Alchemy is a superhuman optimisation brand that unifies ancient ancestral wisdom with 21st century science in order to create a line of premium lifestyle products to help maximise your physical, mental & spiritual capabilities.

We are passionate about our mission to help accelerate the evolution of consciousness on this planet and lead a modern day renaissance of human potential to usher in a new golden age.

Prana Charged™ is the ultimate unification of ancient ancestral wisdom with 21st century science. Harmoniously integrating both systems of knowledge through a revolutionary process of infusing vital orgone energy.

This is truly multi-dimensional holistic nutrition as you are also receiving multiple subtle energetic nutrients that vitalise the non physical aspect of yourself. These are the life force energies that our ancient ancestors from all across the world & time referred to as Chi, Mana and Prana amongst other names. Having spent many aeons studying the nature & application of these energies and how to cultivate them from within, the teachings were kept secret within royal priesthoods & mystical orders to preserve & safeguard this sacred energy science throughout history.

Each product is pre charged to 432 Hz as a base, this is our cosmic attunement pack;

432 Hz ∞ Cosmic OM Attunement

Tuned to 432 Hz, the frequency of OM and a sacred number known to be the governing resonance of the natural living universe, encoding within it the secrets of eternal life & enlightenment. A great starting point and overall all rounder, brining your physical, mental & spiritual bodies into harmony with one another & the flow of life.

In traditional Chinese medicine there is a philosophy that encompasses all of the above but in the context of medicinal herbs. Di Tao is the traditional Chinese concept of sourcing the tonic herb from its spiritual homeland, its authentic true source & habitat. It is in this region only, where the environment is optimal, that the herb will grow to become the most phytochemically rich, potent & balanced.

The underlying belief in Di Tao philosophy is that herbs that grow in one region will differ from another region. Everything must be taken into consideration throughout the lifespan of the herb to potentiate its healing qualities, such as the water that nurtures it, the soil that feeds it, the insects & microorganisms that live symbiotically with it and also how it is cultivated and finally prepared.

We strive to Di Tao source as many ingredients used in our formulas as possible, when that is not a possibility we strictly only source wild harvested or organically cultivated alternatives to make sure you are getting the most nutrient dense & potent ingredients possible all year round.


Primal Alchemy's mission is to bring you the most cutting edge tonic herbs in their most bioavailable form. Founder Chris Storey introduces us to the range, and shares with us what Di Tao sourcing is, and why every product is tuned to 432hz. Click here to play.

How To Use

Start by mixing 2g (1/2 tsp) of powder into filtered water or add to beverage of choice. For best results consume 2/3x daily.