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Equinox Ceremony, Sun Sep 22nd (City of London)


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2.0pm-5.0pm, meeting point near Liverpool St station

An Autumn Equinox ceremony for peace and empowerment in central London.

Kate will take you on a guided walk through the City of London. The City is one of the most important power spots on the planet's earth grid. The intention of this day is to clear the energy at this auspicious time in the solar wheel. It's also a full moon on this date.

The afternoon will start with a talk and some snacks in the park. Then we will spend around two hours walking around the city and meditating at key points.

Please wear comfortable shoes, we will be doing a lot of walking!

Email kate@rawliving.co.uk with questions.


Love, magic, passion, dedication, intelligence, integrity, authenticity, power, strength, knowledge, wisdom.

Further Information

In 2020, I became very curious about the City of London. Prior to the lockdown, I hadn't spent more than a month in London at one time for over 20 years! Suddenly, I found myself with a lot of time to spare in my home city. And as a lot of us were, I was absorbing so much new information about how the world really works. You may already know that there are three places that operate outside of the normal jurisdictions of their respective countries: Washington (head of state), the Vatican (church) and London (the financial centre). I wanted to learn more about the City of London corporation, this square mile that is not ruled by King or government, and so I started to walk the streets regularly, and found it to be a veritable Disneyland of significant sites. As I trudged for hours at a time, I started piecing together lots of information, doing more research, and having some exciting epiphanies and realisations.

I feel certain that London is one of the most important power spots on the earth's grid, and it has been hijacked for at least 400 years. By walking the streets and meditating at strategic sites, my aim is to clear the energies, and return the power to the people. I visualise freedom, empowerment, joy, and exaltation, as we take back our land and our energy.

This walk will be part history lesson, part geopolitical lesson, and part ceremony. I will share with you what I have learnt about London's history and the significance of particular buildings in the city. It may raise more questions than it answers, but these are all the important questions that we really need to be asking in order to make our way through this dark period. On this new moon preceding summer solstice, we will finish with a meditation at what I believe could be the most important power spot in the UK, a site which is deliberately being kept hidden from us.

This will be an uniquely awesome and very fun day! I hope that you will join me.



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How To Use

Light snacks will be provided, but please bring drinks and additional snacks if you wish.

Wear comfortable shoes, wet weather gear if necessary, and bring a candle.

We have a strict cancellation policy, due to the amount of time and effort that goes into the planning of these events. If you cancel on or before 13th Sep, we will retain £11 non-refundable deposit and refund you the remainder. If you cancel on or after the stated date, we regret that we are unable to offer you any refund. If you find someone else to take your place, you may transfer your booking into their name.