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          What Is Ormus?

Ormus is a fascinating substance, that blurs the line between mineral supplements and energy medicine. By no means an essential supplement, nonetheless, it is interesting to understand why it is missing from our modern diets, and how supplementing with it can affect our well-being.

Any plants that grow in the wild and at high altitudes are naturally rich in ormus: think foods like goji berries and maca. We also carry a range of different ormus supplement ranges, including Now Alchemyand Harmonic Innerprizes.

Rehmannia Dean Thomas includes ormus in all of his RDT Connoisseurs formulas, and he explains why here:

"ORMUS is a mysterious substance that merits a book of its own. Currently an acronym for “orbitally rearranged monatomic elements,” ORMUS is alchemically precipitated from naturally occurring minerals or their complexes that form hexagonal crystalline structures, including crystal, gold, and salt. Since ancient times, Indian Mystics, called Siddhars, named this mysterious substance Muppu, and in Egypt, Manna. In tombs from Egypt and Cghina, Urns for smelting gold into a white powder have been revealed. The powder was apparently taken by the elite to increase longevity. It is thought that the mysterious Ark of the Covenant carried by Moses may have contained a white powder smelted from gold; early Greek literature refers to Moses as an alchemist. The same smelted mineral may have been taken by the mysterious Annunaki, who depicted astronauts in their art. Alchemists of the Middle Ages, including Pathagorus, Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, and Roger Bacon, searched for the famed “Philosopher’s stone,” and may have gained access to lost Aristotelian texts on alchemy, which were thought to refer to earlier texts by Egyptian alchemists and mystics, Zozimos, and Hermes Trismegistus. These texts were thought to have been archived at the Library of Alexandra ~ in the city of the same name ~ which was an epicenter of alchemical knowledge.

In the 1970’s, Canadian farmer and alchemist, David Hudson, claimed to have rediscovered the process of extracting essences trapped within crystalline structures. He gave it the name ORMUS; there is some debate among alchemists over whether this term accurately describes its real properties. ORMUS is believed to exist at the threshold between energy and matter, where molecules begin to assemble ~ based on genetic blueprints ~ into recognizable phenomena. In other words, ORMUS is the potentiator, therefore, I call ORMUS a “dedication device,” dedicating atomic configurations to link together in formation of structural lattices at the foundation of physical life.

That stated, alchemists believe ormic substances may act to increase the efficacy of other materials they are mixed with. This is why I include ORMUS in all of my RDT products. It is said that ORMUS will augment whatever intentions and lifestyles a person engages in. Therefore, ORMUS should only be included in a healthy lifestyle and as a component of health-supporting supplements and foods.

My ORMUS is homeopathically precipitated from salts collected ten miles beneath a Bolivian desert. These salts contain tiny lattice-like chambers that have trapped the essence of an ancient lake. Precipitation from the salts is done through intensive alchemical and homeopathic processes, including mantras and prayer. The final product contains very little noticeable salinity."

Interested to learn more about the magical properties of Ormus? Check out our podcast episodes with Archer Loveof Now Alchemy, and David Barbash of Harmonic Innerprizes. There is also a chapter on Ormus in Kate's Raw Magicrecipe book.