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          Summer Solstice Retreat 2024

We took some of our favourite brands with us to our Summer Solstice Retreat at the Avebury stones, June 2024.

Raw Halo and 8 Foods provided the snacks, Olives et Al and Loving Foods shared their delicious drinks, and Clearspring supported on the salads.

Here is Kate's weekend menu:
Kale Caesar - Magic Kitchen
Beetburgers - Raw Living
Buffalo Cauliflower - Raw Living
Turmeric Butter - Raw Living
Blue Lemonade Pie - Raw Living
Chia - Magic Kitchen
Broccoli Sushi - Magic Kitchen
Zucchini Marinara - Raw Living
Pop up Cake - Magic Kitchen


We hope you can join us at a future retreat. Gourmet raw foods, inspirational content, beautiful locations, and good company always guaranteed!