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Zapper Basic (endorsed by Don Croft)


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The Basic Zapper has the same zapper-circuit as the Croft Terminator Zapper. It doesn't have all the subtle-energy upgrades as the Terminator.

They pulse at a frequency range of 14 to 16 Hz.

They are smaller than the Terminator and very easy to use. Wear for a few hours at a time to begin. Keep moving them around the body, don't leave them in one place for more than a couple of hours. The easiest places to wear them are in a wristband over your pulse points, tucked into your waistband, or in a sock at night. Make sure to keep alternating the different sides of the body

Size: 1 3/4" long x 1 3/8" wide x 5/8" high
Battery: 9 Volt (not included)

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Further Information

The Terminator Zapper is a unit developed by Don Croft in Idaho. It contains a 9-volt rectangular battery & electronic circuitry, 

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The Zapper has 2 copper discs on one side, & a switch & an LED that blinks when the unit is “on” & working, on one side.

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To use either Zapper, simply put the copper discs against your skin & turn the unit on & leave it in place either for at least 20 minutes, or until the skin in that area itches or  otherwise becomes uncomfortable.If you feel itching or other discomfort, remove the Zapper immediately & if you want to keep using it, simply reapply it on some other area of your body.  If you don’t remove it if discomfort occurs, you may have some minor temporary skin irritation occur.

If you need to tape it in place, or use an “Ace” bandage, or a glove or sock, that is fine.

A very good idea is to apply the Zapper to either the palm of one hand or the bottom of a foot (inside a sock) if you plan to leave it in place for a number of hours, as the skin in these areas is thicker than elsewhere on your body.  If you put it on the palm of your hand inside a glove, you can sleep with it & let it work that way.

It is not recommended that you sleep with the Zapper on any skin other than the palms or soles, however, as in some instances the strength of the detoxification action has caused considerable skin irritation when a sleeper didn't feel itching or discomfort & wake up & remove the unit.  This irritation is temporary, but annoying, & not what is wanted. 

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The copper discs will change appearance from their original copper color to a muddy or dark or even black color.

If you want to check on your detoxification, you can sand the discs gently with 120-grit sandpaper or use a copper cleaner such as Brasso for Copper to remove the dark color before your next use of the Zapper.

How To Use

Please note: no instructions come with the Zapper, you will receive just the small, black zapper, with an on / off switch - that's it!