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Universal Nut Milk Bag (single)


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The Universal Nut Milk Bag is an essential tool for raw, living food gastronomy. This ergonomically designed, multi-purpose nut milk bag is carefully hand made by a small British / New Zealand team in Spain.

The Universal Nut Milk Bag is suitable for those with soy and dairy milk intolerance, requiring a dietary change and also serves as a versatile camping and travelling accessor.

It has the following design benefits:
    • Large Size - 15"w x 13d"
    • Durable Woven Polyester Fabric
    • Ideal Mesh Size
    • Ergonomic Bias Cut Flexible Design
    • Strong Draw Cord
    • High Strength Stretch Stitch Seams
    • Bowl Compatible Curved Profile
    • Externally Located Easy Clean Seams
    • Quick Drying Material
    • Proven Design

        How To Use

        In addition to making nut milk, it is suitable for all other raw, living food preparation and processes, such as:

        • Juicing (with blender)
        • Seed & Nut Sprouting & Rinsing
        • Buckwheat Rinsing
        • Nut Cheese Fermentation & Drainage
        • Kefir Milk & Water Straining
        • Coffee & Tea Straining (camping)
        • Salad Spinning (camping)
        • Jelly & Jam Making
        • Wild Food Foraging Collection