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The Urban Fermentery - Golden Kimchi (330g)


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A delicious vegan kimchi of napa cabbage, daikon and spring onion, turmeric and fermented with white miso to hit those delicious umami notes.


Kimchi is korean, fermented, napa cabbage, vegetables and spices to produce a bacterially rich, crunchy, sour condiment perfect for any meal.

Fermentation has been part of human diet since the prehistoric times. Kimchi is a Korean culinary tradition with a 1,500 year recorded history, developed as a means to preserve cabbage and other vegetables naturally through fermentation—like its distant cousin sauerkraut, or brined pickles.


Have you got a good gut feeling about this? Many people don't realise that the intestine is the vitality centre of the body - home to a big part of your immune system functionality. So give your gut the care it deserves!


Every bag of our Kimchi is handcrafted and fermented using only the freshest all-natural ingredients with no added preservatives. Raw, vegan and gluten-free, this kimchi is packed with vitamins and probiotics that are essential for your diet.


Napa cabbage, daikon, spring onion, miso paste (soybean, rice, salt, ethyl alcohol), garlic, ginger, salt

Further Information

We are The Urban Fermentery, a London based, artisan, fermentation house producing Kimchis and hot sauces. We make our Kimchi with love for nature, the planet and the body and our aim is to make beautiful probiotic foods, produced with traditional fermentation techniques. We believe the vitality of body begins in your gut. We are passionate about gut health and the link between a healthy microbiome and a healthy mind.

My love of food and health began whilst I was at high school and has since never wavered. Post school I studied Food Science and Nutrition and upon completion I found myself cooking commercially with my own catering company in Perth. Desiring more, I accepted a job in the North West of Australia on the mines and sadly I saw my health take a significant turn with the changes in diet and lifestyle. In a bid to restore my health, my interest in food production, nutritional profile and holistic nutrition was reignited. I immersed myself in these subjects to learn about the gut and microbiome, where I discovered my issues were stemming from. The microbiome (gut bacteria) is fundamental in the final stages of digestion allowing us to breakdown proteins to amino acids to make available for neurotransmitters. It is also fundamental to immune function and protecting the body against infection and attack. I learnt through my studies that the modern diet is degrading and preventing this symbiosis of bacteria and the human body to take place.  A diet high in processed foods, consumption of antibiotics, absence of probiotic (ie fermented) foods from our diets and even meat raised on antibiotics, all degrade the microbiome and prevent it from performing optimally. Aware of this, I began to explore ways of restoring the microbiome to its optimal state. The solution was fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha which all deliver good bacteria in the form of probiotics to the gut and build a healthy microbiome. 

After having setup and expanded a Kombucha business in Bali for over 4 years, I set my sights on a new challenge in the UK. The London fermented foods community threw its arms open to me and I was thrilled to be involved with many like minded people. Its here I partnered up with Philipp to start The Urban Fermentery. We strongly believe vitality of body and mind begins in your gut and our mission is to make fermented foods a natural component of the modern diet, by making them delicious, accessible and affordable to health curious individuals.


Click here to play our podcast with the woman behind The Urban Fermentery, Nicola Stransky, and learn more about how she started kimchi making, why kimchi is so beneficial, and the different products in the range.