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Sacred Chocolate - Reverse (40g)


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Sacred Chocolate's Reverse heart bar is a true breakthrough. This bar is a red wine infused dark chocolate at a 70% percent cacao content which includes a special resveratrol extract from Japanese knotweed and polyphenols from red grapes.

Each 1.44 oz. REVERSE chocolate heart contains 9mg of resveratrol and 10mg of grape flavonoids. There is much more resveratrol in this mixture of grape polyphenols and resveratrol than would be present in grapes or wine. This bar has been formulated and fine-tuned so that all the resveratrol and flavonoid compounds are highly absorbable, synergistic, and work with the cacao (chocolate) to deliver superior flavor and nutrition.

Sacred Heart - The "1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart" shaped chocolate bar is not only beautiful to behold, but also raises the frequency of the chocolate.

In addition, REVERSE also contains an infusion of history’s most celebrated wine: Commandaria from Cyprus (2008 vintage). Despite a trace of wine, each REVERSE chocolate bar is non-alcoholic.


*Unroasted Cacao Nibs (Ecuador, Peru), *Maple Sugar, *Unroasted & Unfermented Cacao Beans with SKINS (Ecuador), *Raw Cacao Butter, 2008 Commandaria Red Wine, RESVERATROL (9mg polygonum cuspidatum, 10mg grape polyphenols), *Natural Grape Flavor.

Dairy/Gluten/Soy/Cane Sugar FREE.
Cacao Content: 70%
Produced in a Facility that also Processes Nuts.
Stone Ground below 115 Degrees Fahrenheit.
Note: This bar has not yet been certified organic by CCOF.
Certified Kosher (PAREVE) by IKC.

Further Information

What makes Sacred Chocolate® different from other chocolate? 

Founded in 2006, by raw chocolate pioneer and author, David "Avocado" Wolfe, and raw food enthusiast, entrepreneur, and minister, "Sacred Steve" Adler, Sacred Chocolate® is slowly stone ground below 115 degrees Fahrenheit from bean to bar and is hand poured and hand wrapped with much love, gratitude, and high “phi-bration" in a small custom-designed, certified organic, certified vegan, certified kosher, carbon balanced, 100% renewable energy factory in California. Our cacao is certified fair trade and is souced from a small cooperative in Ecuador known for its prized Arriba Nacional variety of cacao. Our raw chocolate only includes healthy sweeteners such as Maple, Inulin from Jerusalem Artichoke, and Erythritol. We are committed to creating the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate in the world, and educating people on the super food properties of RAW chocolate.

What is special about Raw Chocolate?

Raw cacao is one of the most, if not THE most, complex foods known to man. All chocolate starts out as raw cacao “beans” or nuts - the seed of the cacao fruit which grows on a tropical tree. The usual roasting/processing of chocolate destroys a significant amount of its valuable health supporting properties. Much of the mood elevating, antidepressant and antioxidant qualities are eliminated with heating. 

Redefining the History of Chocolate

Sacred Chocolate® is the future of chocolate. Our goal is to create the greatest chocolate bar and chocolate products in the world. We are the first chocolate manufacturer in human history to create a raw (low-temperature processed), organic, finely tempered chocolate bar. Through the use of healthy herbs, love, gratitude, prayers, music, and mantras, Sacred Chocolate® has the potential to awaken. With no trans fatty acids, and lots of polyphenol antioxidants, Sacred Chocolate® is a SUPER FOOD containing all the health benefits of raw chocolate without refined cane sugar. The alchemy of this chocolate, made with love & gratitude, and for your health, has manifested on mother earth at this time to help bring about a planetary shift in consciousness towards love and oneness. 

Mission & Vision of Sacred Chocolate

Our mission is the marriage of gourmet flavor with superior nutrition combined with inspiring others to live in their hearts and by the law of love.

"Love is a gift, a miracle, a mystery. You are led to its threshold by your affinities, by your inclinations, and by the yearnings of your heart, although its power and presentation is by grace, not by expectation, demand, or requirement. Love is the ultimate paradox, for it is the lamb that is also the lion. Love is the ultimate power, which resides in surrender."

-- Love Without End by Glenda Green

What makes Sacred Chocolate® different from other chocolate?

From our proprietary processes, equipment, and formulations, to our belief in and knowledge of the natural super food properties of raw chocolate and its ability to act as a delivery vehicle for the world’s herbs, many things make Sacred Chocolate® special. What makes Sacred Chocolate really special is that it is low temperature processed or "raw". We slowly stone grind our cacao beans at low temperature (below 115 degrees F) for many days in order to maximize the antioxidants and natural nutrient density in the raw cacao bean. As a result, our chocolate has been lab tested and found to contain DOUBLE the antioxidant level of cooked or roasted chocolate of the same cacao content. Our ingredients are always RAW where possible and always of the highest quality in terms of nutritional content, flavor, and food safety.

Sacred chocolate uses healthier sweeteners such as organic maple sugar, erythritol and inulin (from Jerusalem artichoke). The primary sweetener used is natural, low glycemic, highly mineralized organic maple sugar from sustainable forests. Maple is a wild crop! Did you know it actually takes 30 years before a maple tree can be tapped for its sugar? Maple has superior flavor and smells like a Canadian forest in full bloom. 

Our line of chocolates, which include such bars as the AMAZONIAN and IMMUNO MUSHROOM, also include the phytonutrient rich skin of the cacao bean in the finished chocolate. The skin adds a fruity complexity to the chocolate and has incredible super nutrition, analogous to the skin of a cucumber or orange. Currently, we are the only company in the world taking the extra steps necessary to be able to do this.

Our special proprietary process is best at bringing out the natural terrior dependent flavor of the raw cacao bean. As a result, Sacred Chocolate has won the “BEST OF RAW” award for raw chocolate three years in a row (2008, 2009, 2010) and most recently in 2014 for our Longevity Bliss chocolate bar.

Sacred Chocolate is truly the marriage of artisanal flavor and superior nutrition. is hand made with love and gratitude in a small custom designed, certified organic, vegan, carbon balanced factory in Marin County, California. We are committed to providing the most exceptionally tasting and nutritionally beneficial chocolate, and educating people on the super-food properties of RAW chocolate. Sacred Chocolate® supports the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. (www.FTPF.org).

We always use Organic or Wild crafted ingredients. We never use weak cacao “filler” beans to boost cacao percentage.

We make our special chocolate over several days, the old fashioned way by slow stone grinding at low temperature. The Arriba Nacional cacao beans we use are purchased from the farmers at above fair trade standards and is also certified fair trade through SPP.coop.

We believe chocolate is a Sacred Food, and should be treated as such. We pray over and put positive thoughts into every small batch of chocolate we make. We believe this elevates the energy of the chocolate. Every bar of Sacred Chocolate® is hand made with love and gratitude. We honor, respect and give thanks to all beings that make possible this amazing food. Our Love and positive intention raises the vibration of Sacred Chocolate.

How To Use

Click HERE to listen to a podcast with 'Sacred' Steve Adler. Kate Magic talks to him about how he got started, his process in making the chocolate and the alchemy involved.

Kate says,"I expected to learn a little about how the chocolate is made, and the ingredients used, but the depth of knowledge Steve has blew me away. He shares with us a little of his personal story with raw foods, how he came to start up a chocolate business, and how they develop new recipes. We talked about a favourite book we both have, Love Without End, and why cacao is such an alchemical food.

After the interview finished, I congratulated Steve once again on his amazing products; I really believe that to work within raw foods, and cacao in particular, you must have an honest and pure relationship with yourself, or it comes back on you very quickly. His reply was that he thought successful chocolate making is down to three things: source, process and intention. Sourcing the best quality ingredients, perfecting a satisfactory process, and the intention you put into the food. A very wise note to finish on, and something to remember when going into any kind of creative process, I would venture."