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Raw Organic Jungle Peanuts (8oz)


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Wild Jungle Peanuts are sustainably cultivated and harvested from deep within the rainforests of the Amazon jungle by the Shuar people. Bold stripes reflect the wild nature of this heirloom nut – unlike common peanuts these have not been hybridized to contain more oil and sugar, and are not roasted, toasted, salted or sugared.

Jungle Peanuts are a good source of phosphorus and magnesium, an excellent source of manganese, and each serving contains 8 grams of protein. They have a superb peanutty flavor that’s smooth, earthy and aromatic. This is the original form of peanut – pure, organic, raw, and delicious. Try them yourself and experience peanuts as Mother Nature intended.


Certified organic jungle peanuts

Further Information

The Sunfood Story
Years ago, a group of health minded individuals noticed an alarming trend in their towns and communities. They saw friends and family eating and drinking dead, processed foods full of chemicals. They knew that this was the path to obesity and disease, ultimately leading to western medicine’s suppression of symptoms with drugs and scalpels.  This is not true healing. 

Sunfood was born from their desire to create an alternative path to health.  We believe that the secrets to health, energy and long life are found in nature through diet and nutrition.  Building upon the wisdom of traditional and modern natural healing methods from all over the world, we are here to share powerful information and foods that help people heal and rejuvenate themselves naturally.

It is our quest to find the most nutrient dense, raw, organic, Non-GMO superfoods on the planet.  Our search to uncover ancient and modern healing knowledge lost to our society has taken us all over the world, from the tropical regions of South America to the high mountains of Tibet.

Our family-operated business is located in San Diego, where we prepare superfoods in our certified organic facility and package them for you with care.  

Our Mission
At Sunfood we are on a quest to help you discover the healing, energy and longevity power within you.  We do this through education and the most nutrient dense, raw, organic, Non-GMO superfoods on the planet.

How To Use

Toss jungle peanuts into trail mixes, salads, smoothies or enjoy straight out of the bag. You can also blend to create your own truly raw peanut butter or sprinkle over salads for additional flavor and texture.