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Raw Nice - Activated Charcoal Powder (50g)

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Imagine waking up after a wet night out on the streets, you feel empty and your soul has left your body. Mix up a pinch of our activated charcoal with lemon juice and some fresh ginger in a shot glass.

Down this pitch black liquid and feel your strength and your soul slowly return to your body. Praise me later, friend.

Besides being a lifesaver (literally) you can make EPIC galaxy smoothie bowls that would impress the balls off Stephen Hawking.

You can also use this bad boy for teeth whitening and purifying facial masks. Yaazzz, you’re gonna be so pretty.

  • 100% natural, made of burnt bamboo
  • No taste (perfect for food and smoothies)

    Our activated charcoal is made from bamboo that has been heated up and exposed to oxygen. The result is a fine black powder that can adsorb serious amounts of stuff you don’t want in your body.

    Storage: Cool and Dry
    Taste: Neutral


    Activated charcoal should NOT be consumed at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking drugs, vitamins or other medications (Birth Control included) as it might disrupt the effect of those medications.

    We like to roll on the safe side. So should you babe.

  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Activated Bamboo Charcoal

    Further Information

    The majority of ”health brands” only targets a small group of people, for whom candy, beer and cheat days are taboo.

    At the same time, our Instagram feed is flooded with advanced yoga poses on a beach in Asia somewhere, perfectly manicured hand holding coconuts etc.

    That shit is so DAMN old and CLICHÈ...

    Imagine waking up a Saturday morning hungover, feeling like crap with no inspiration to even get out of bed or get your shit together.

    With a little pinch of our magic fairy dust in your breakfast smoothie or oatmeal, your breakfast will be a lot sexier, you will automatically be more fit and your mama will be proud of you. All at the same time!

    I want Rawnice to be for everyone who can’t relate to that perfect healthy lifestyle (You coconut yogis are of course welcome too).

    Me? I drink red wine and listen to the Wu-tang Clan in between my workouts.

    I’m all about the balance..and so is RAWNICE. 

    /Helene Arvidsson
    Founder Rawnice

    How To Use

    Serving Size: 1 Teaspoon