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Raw Magic Certification Course LEVEL TWO in London (Oct 3rd-9th 2022)


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Mon 3rd October - Sun 9th October

Venue: Central London, W2

Early bird price £888 expires 3rd June

Kate's courses are unique in the world for combining solid nutritional advice on sustaining a long term raw vegan diet, with practical kitchen skills, and a spiritual and philosophical underpinning.

This is a Level Two course, for those who already have the basic knowledge of raw foods and would love to deepen their expertise. It’s primarily for anyone who has taken any of Kate’s courses already (including Beginners, Advanced, Superstar, Rockstar, and Academy). If you have taken a raw chef training course elsewhere, that’s also advantageous. Or if you are a professional chef who would love to add raw food cuisine to your repertoire, this would be a great course for you. If you are new to raw foods and don't have much cheffing experience, then we recommend the Level One training (please email us to register your interest for the next Level One course in 2023).

The course takes place in central London. It runs over 7 days, for 5 hrs a day, so 35 hours total. There is a practical and a written exam on the last day, accredited by the IPHM. Places are limited to preserve the intimacy of the group and ensure everyone gets plenty of time to engage fully with the material (no more than 8 people total). If you would love to apply, please email hello@rawliving.co.uk detailing your previous experience with raw foods and what your intention is in taking the course.

At the end of the course, you will feel confident in making complex creations in a raw vegan kitchen. You will have a solid understanding of creating different styles of cuisine from around the world. You will be comfortable with working with unusual ingredients. You will have a greater awareness of the raw vegan lifestyle within a political and philosophical context.  

To learn more about the course go to KateMagic.com or click on the Further Info tab below.

As always, Kate’s courses are priced as low as possible, in order to make the material accessible. The full price is £999. Put a deposit down before May 5th and pay just £888. Commit to come with a friend or family member, and pay just £888 each. We have one scholarship place available for £444 for those in financial hardship. If you would love to attend but genuinely do not have the financial resource right now, please write to us detailing why you want to take the course and why you believe yourself to be the most worthy recipient of the scholarship.


Love, magic, passion, dedication, intelligence, integrity, authenticity, power, strength, knowledge, wisdom.

Further Information


The course runs for 7 days, total 35 hours of teaching time.

The day starts at 12.0 because we want everyone to get enough sleep! We also recommend journaling, meditating, practicing yoga, walking in the park, or revising in the morning, so you come to class with a clear head. We eat a good lunch at 2.0, and there is a dessert served in the afternoon every day. We also provide unlimited spring water. We finish at 6.0 and will recommend fun group activities in the evenings. Most people find they eat so much during the day, that they are not very hungry in the evenings. On the final day, we finish at 8.0pm, please do not book travel home any earlier than this as it’s very important that you don’t miss the closing ceremony. We invite you to welcome your family or friends to the closing party, if they are able to make the journey to us.

Regarding accommodation, there are many hotels in the vicinity. We recommend Airbnb, or for those on a budget, there is a hostel option. The venue is close to Paddington station, so very easy for those flying in from Heathrow. It’s also a relatively easy journey from Gatwick airport. We will provide the full address and directions once you have booked.


  • Ferments: Kefir, Kombucha, Jun, Kimchi, Sauerkraut, Pickles
  • World cuisine: Japanese, Korean, Mexican, British, Italian
  • Desserts: Using young coconuts, Durian, Irish moss, shortbreads, and tempering chocolates


  • There are modules on the politics of food; cellular detoxification; and mindfulness techniques. It is a holistic course, in that as well as going into raw chef techniques, we put the food within the context of a healthy lifestyle and give weight to all the elements that contribute to that.

The course includes a comprehensive 50 page manual containing 24 delicious recipes, plus ample food and drinks every day. There is an exam at the end with both a practical and written element; students who do not pass both elements will not receive the certificate.

About Kate:

Kate is considered one of the foremost raw food educators in the world. She has inspired tens of thousands of people through her books, videos and classes. She has been a raw vegan for 30 years, and raised three healthy children into adulthood on the diet. She is one of the few people in the world who has sustained a fully raw diet successfully long-term, and is a radiant example of health; that’s why there’s no-one better to teach you how to do the same.

Booking and enquiries:

If you would like to attend a Raw Magic Certification Course, please email hello@rawliving.co.uk to apply in the first place.

The full cost of the course is £999. Early bird price is £888 (expires May 5th). Book with a family member or friend, and pay £888 each.

We can give you the opportunity to pay in instalments. We require £111 non-refundable deposit. We require the balance in full four weeks before the course starts. There is a £10 admin fee if you choose this option.


We have a strict cancellation policy, due to the amount of time and effort that goes into the planning of these events. If you cancel on or before 2nd Sep, we will retain £111 non-refundable deposit and refund you the remainder. If you cancel on or after the stated date, we regret that we are unable to offer you any refund. If you find someone else to take your place, you may transfer your booking into their name. (If there are any changes to the global circumstamces that both parties agree make it impossible for you to attend, we will waive our usual cancellation policy).

Please note, you must attend every day of the course as it’s very disruptive to the energy of the group if people leave early or join late. Please do not book on if you cannot attend all seven days, or contact us first to discuss your situation if you feel it’s genuinely unavoidable. You must complete at least 33 hours to receive the certificate. We reserve the right not to give participants the certificate if we feel they have not received the full benefits of the course due to lack of attendance or other issues eg language difficulties.


This is the evolution of the Rockstar and Superstar courses. If you took either of these courses already, you will find a lot of the material is the same. Everyone who takes any of Kate's courses twice, says they get even more from them the second time. So if you took any of Kate's course previously, and you are wondering whether it will be beneficial to you to do this new 7-day course, our recommendation is, whole-heartedly, yes! 


"It blew my mind. I knew about raw food, but this is another level!"

"I had high expectations, but this went way above and beyond."

"LOVE Kate’s energy and enthusiasm, she inspires me so much to stay positive and always gives amazing information not just on food but on her holistic approach to life. She is beyond this world and a true leader."

"I love her in-depth knowledge and her ability to connect with people, she teaches in a beautifully structured way that takes us along the path to greater awareness."