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Raw Chocolate Magic (Video)


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Chocolate! One of the most popular foods in the world. But how much do you really know about it? Cacao is a fascinating plant, one that continues to reveal more mysteries the longer you study it. Kate has been a pioneer in the raw chocolate scene since it first came to the UK in 2004.

In this video she talks about

    • the plant itself, and how cacao is sourced
    • its many nutritional benefits, and what makes it a true superfood
    • its natural mood-boosting properties & a little bit of basic brain chemistry
    • the best raw chocolate on the market & what makes a good raw chocolate bar
    • the different ingredients needed to make your own chocolate at home
    • a step-by-step guide to the different ways to make chocolate
    • and she gives you one of her most popular chocolate recipes

The only thing not included is actually tasting the chocolate!

The video is accompanied by a PDF which details the main points of the video, and also includes the chocolate recipe.

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