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Actually Magic New Year Retreat ONLINE (Thurs 6th -Mon 10th Jan 2022)


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Start the new year off on the right foot with an inspiring virtual detox retreat with Kate Magic, based around her new book, Actually Magic. The retreat includes daily yoga and meditation, inspiring metaphysical study workshops, healing circles, a cacao ceremony, and a party with a live DJ. Including a 5-day suggested simple cleansing programme for you to follow at home.

25 hours of video calls. All classes will be audio recorded if you are unable to attend live.

All attendees receive a pdf booklet with recipes & other supporting material.

The material is not the same as in previous online retreats. If you joined us on any of our five past online retreats, and had a wonderful time, you are very welcome to join us again.

Who Is The Retreat For?

  • Everyone who has enjoyed Kate’s raw food workshops and loves the magical twist she brings to everything.
  • Everyone who is seeking peace and clarity in this time of chaos and confusion.
  • Everyone who is committed to showing up in their lives as the best version of themselves.
  • Everyone who wants to set the frequency for the rest of the year on the highest possible vibration.

Please see further info tab for full itinerary or visitRawMagicRetreats.com.

Please note, as all the classes are recorded, there are no refunds or cancellations.

Please purchase the Actually Magic book before you join the retreat, it helps if you have read it first.

"I am LOVING this retreat. It has completely surpassed my expectations. Everything I wanted from it has happened - and is happening. I am integrating, connecting, stretching, loving myself and the group is simply wonderful. The smile is permanently flowing from my heart - even during the yoga, in which I am enjoying the challenge and loving every inch of my body! Much, much love and gratitude." Naomi, Jan 2021

Further Information

All sessions are 1-2 hrs, with at least one hour in between for you to get food, have a toilet break, and check your phone! All times are GMT. Please arrive 5-10 mins before the session starts so we can begin promptly.

Thurs 6th Jan:

5.0-7.0 pm Welcome circle 

Fri 7th:

9.0-10.0 am Dynamic Yoga 

11.0-1.0 pm The Three Basic Rules of Metaphysics; Understanding Life From The Quantum Perspective

2.0-4.0 pm Time Mastery & Abundance Codes

5.0 pm -7.0 pm Cacao Ceremony

Sat 8th:

9.0-10.0 am Dynamic Yoga 

11.0-1.0 pm Twin Flames & Self-Love

2.0-4.0 pm Shadow Work

6.0 pm -7.0 pm Yin Yoga and Meditation

Sun 9th:

9.0-10.0 am Dynamic Yoga 

11.0-1.0 pm Cellular Cleansing & Healing The Nervous System 

2.0-4.0 pm Grounding The Ascension Process Into Reality; New Earth

7.0-9.0 pm Yoga Magic Dance Party

Mon 10th Jan:

10.0am -12.0 pm Closing Circle