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JEM Cashew Cardamom Almond Butter (185g, 454g)


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You’ll want to use a golden spoon to enjoy the riches of this palatial flavor-blend of exotic cardamom, activated yet calming sprouted, organic cashews & almonds, orchid vanilla and Pure JEM ambrosia!

Raw Almonds: We soak our almonds in pink Himalayan salt crystals and dehydrate at low temperatures. We source only truly raw, non-irradiated and unpasteurized almonds from Spain.

Raw Cashews: We also soak our organic cashews to make them even creamier than normal, and blend them with almonds as the base of this sweet spread. A close relative to the pistachio nut, cashews offer a sense of calm satisfaction.

Cardamom: Known to have originated from India this warming herbal spice is not just known from its strong aroma.

Lucuma (Loo-Ku-Mah): This sweet fruit grown in Peru, Chile and Ecuador, is a great addition to our gourmet blend due to its low-glycerin yet nutrient-dense capacity. Iron, niacin, calcium, beta-carotene and fiber are a benefit of this fruit, as well as its yummy maple-like flavor.

Coconut Sugar: Coconut sugar is made from the sweet nectar of the coconut tree flower blossoms, coconut sugar is a pure and simple low-glycemic sweetener that provides the energy and mineral rich nutrition your body needs. Our coconut sugar is currently sourced from Big Tree Farms, from where the above information is referenced.

JEM Features:

  • OTC-USDA Certified Organic
  • Truly Raw, Vegan Superfood
  • Non-Irradiated
  • Unpasteurized
  • Low Glycemic, Mineral Dense Coconut Sugar
  • Low Sodium
  • High in Iron, Vitamin E & Vitamin C
  • Healthy Fat, Antioxidants and Dietary Fibre
  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Non GM


      Raw Cashews, Raw Almonds, Cardamom, Lucuma, Coconut Sugar and Vanilla.

      Nutritional Information

      Nutritional Informationper 100g
      Energy500 Kcal 2093 kj
      of which saturates0g
      - of which sugars11g
      Dietary Fiber3g

      Further Information

      Our Mission:

      JEM is a mission-driven company. We craft premium organic products, representing the highest standard of sustainability and transparency; promoting a healthy,
      delicious world.

      Our Commitment:

      We craft premium, organic foods for the world market. All our ingredients are 100% OTC-USDA certified organic, non-GMO and vegan. We have voluntarily hired third party labs to test random samples of our JEM’s for any hidden pesticides, harmful heavy metals, microbes or pathogens. Our JEM’s have come up clean every time. Just for fun we also tested for any hidden gluten, of which, there was none. Our GMP (good manufacturing practice) is informed by our commitment to raw, nutrient-rich foods. We closely monitor the temperature and speed of our stone grinders and dehydrators. This means everything takes longer, but we know the result will be our creamy delicious and nutritious JEM.


      Each Founder brings unique talents and values to the crafting of our sprouted nut spreads–– committed to the highest quality product that serves the purpose of healthy happy individuals–– connecting community and benefiting the planet. Tim Moore, VP of Sales & resident Musician, has facilitated distribution of JEM to the UK, Canada, Chile, and Hong Kong. Jen Moore, CEO & Mother of three, holds a BS in Nutrition-Food Science and Exercise Physiology, and plays numerous roles including marketing, quality control and product development. Nik Rueth, COO & Yoga Enthusiast, runs the manufacturing infrastructure as well as recipe formulation of JEM’s signature products since day one.

      The JEM:

      From our Bend, Oregon factory, we handcraft our sprouted nut spreads in small batches, paying careful attention to each and every detail. We’ve perfected our sprouting, stone-grinding and blending processes so that our final product retains the richest flavor, smoothest texture and highest nutritional content.

      JEM Ingredients:

      We source fair trade ingredients of the highest quality, including Spanish Almonds, which we hand-select for their exceptional flavor profile and raw integrity. Our ingredients are all 100% OTC-USDA Certified Organic, truly raw, and free from pesticides, gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugar, so you can indulge in JEM guilt-free.


      For maximum flavor and nutrient absorption, we sprout our nuts for 24 hours. After the nuts have sprouted, we dehydrate them, which takes another 24 hours in preparation for grinding and blending.

      Stone Grinding:

      Stone-grinding is the secret behind JEM’s smooth texture. We grind at slow speeds to keep the ingredients raw, for optimal nutrient absorption and flavor. The process can take up to 48 hours, but the results are special. We grind each ingredient so that no particle exceeds 20 microns, which is the point where the human tongue can no longer detect texture.


      We blend our nut butters into four flavors inspired by super foods:

      • Cinnamon Red Maca
      • Superberry Maqui Camu
      • Hazelnut Raw Cacao
      • Cashew Cardamom
      • Salted Caramel


      Click HERE to listen to an audio interview with Jen Moore, CEO of JEM

      How To Use

      Grab your spoon! Spread on an apple, celery, or carrots. Mix with your yogurt or granola; pour over a coconut frozen dessert. Share with others, or keep it all to yourself!