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How to Detox Naturally (Video)


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The Raw Magic Academy videos can now be found exclusively on Vimeo, for rental or purchase. Please click hereto access our Vimeo channel, including dozens of free bonus videos.

Detox is a way of tapping into the body’s natural intelligence, which we have become disconnected from due to modern lifestyle practices. The Raw Magic philosophy is that the body has an innate capacity to self-heal. The most profound healing techniques are those where we get out of the body’s way and allow it to work its magic. This talk covers simple time-honoured techniques which, when incorporated into your regular routine, will strengthen the immune system and boost your emotional and physical energy levels. Practicing these techniques is a valuable investment of your time because when you do, you will find you have more energy for life, and need to take fewer sick days.

Topics covered include:

    • liver flushes
    • colonics & enemas
    • castor oil packing
    • what is a zapper?
    • grounding

The video comes with a summary of all the main points in a handy PDF as well as a full step by step guide for a week long detox programme. There is a facility to ask questions under the video, so if you are stuck with anything you can ask Kate directly through the site.

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