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HealthForce Vitamineral Green (500g)


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Vitamineral Green™ is a green super food powder, formulated by Mother Nature. (We're not allowed to say a lot more than that!)

100% Vegan, raw, gluten free, yeast free, Actual Food™, superfoods, and TruGanic™. Green Focused: NOT diluted with grains, beans, maca, fibers, fruits, fillers, seeds/chia/flax. No isolated nutrients. Perfectly balanced nutrition. Packed with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, healing phytonutrients.

100% TruGanic™. TruGanic™ is a purist, hard-core, quality standard significantly beyond Organic. In addition to no pesticides being used anywhere in the growing process, TruGanic™ includes authentic standards for production, non-toxic cleaning agents and pest control, electromagnetic radiation, processing agents additives, air quality, and actual verification of purity.


From the Land™
Nettle Leaf ◊∞ Carob Pod ◊∞ Alfalfa Leaf ◊∞ Horsetail Leaf ∞  Ginger Root ◊∞  Barley Grass ◊∞  Parsley Leaf ◊∞  Wheat Grass ◊∞  Basil Leaf ◊∞  Barley Grass Juice ◊∞ Oat Grass Juice ◊∞ Chickweed Leaf ∞  Dandelion Leaf ◊∞ Holy Basil Leaf ◊∞  Moringa Leaf ◊∞  Yacon Leaf ∞  Amla Berry ◊∞  Shilajit °∞

From the Waters™
Spirulina ∞ Chlorella ◊∞

From the Oceans™
Kelp ◊°∞  Dulse ◊°∞  Bladderwrack ◊°∞ Alaria °∞  Laver (Wild Atlantic Nori) °∞

Enzyme Concentrate
Protease ∞  Alpha-Galactosidase ∞  Amylase ∞  Cellulase ∞  Lipase ∞  Bromelain ∞  Papain ∞

Other Ingredient: VeganCaps™∞ (hypromellose derived from pine cellulose) – no flow agents

◊ Organic, ° Wildcrafted, ∞ TruGanic™

All ingredients are optimally dried for maximum life force.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy340 Kcal 1423 kj
of which saturates 
- of which sugars6.2g
Dietary Fiber25g

Further Information

For full product information, download this PDF: VitaMineral Green White Paper 

"Hype is Nothing. Substance is Everything! Health is important, and too many things usually get in the way of people actually taking an authentically powerful product. Loyalties can be divided. I want to make it clear where mine lies. My loyalty is to those who want to thrive, and those whose life situation requires them to thrive. My loyalty is to the end user. My loyalty is to you. In my life now, and one day when I look back upon my life, that will have value to me incomparable to any amount of money, investors, or fame.

"The quality, therapeutic concentration, and affordability of a nutritional product can, and often does, mean the difference between lethargy and energy, sickness and health, and, quite literally, life and death. I don't want anyone to be tired, sick, or dead because they could not obtain or afford the best possible product. If someone does not feel this same way, they should not be in the nutritional product business. I live and breathe this philosophy in both my personal and professional life and constantly strive to evolve HealthForce products and offer them at the best possible values – with a reverence for all life. I would rather die than compromise these values."

Dr. Jameth Sheridan – Doctor of Holistic Medicine (D.H.M.), Naturopath, and Hard-Core Herbal Medicine Researcher

How To Use

Start with one teaspoon per day and increase gradually over two weeks to suggested usage of 1 to preferably 2 (or more) heaping tablespoons per day, either all at once or divided. Three teaspoons per day equals approximately an 85-day supply. Do not take so much that you find it unpalatable, as you will end up taking and benefiting less! Mix into purified water. Drink consciously and with positive intent. It can also be mixed with fresh vegetable juices, fresh fruit juices (alone or blended with whole fruits and/or a banana into a smoothie). Mixing with carrot juice may produce gas. Add 1-2 tablespoon(s) of freshly ground flax and/or chia seeds for extra nutrition. It can also be sprinkled on or mixed with foods. Vitamineral Green™ contains an extremely potent and comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, specifically grown and processed to maximize their benefits. If you experience temporary beneficial cleansing reactions that you find undesirable (such as loose bowels), reduce amount used to 1 teaspoon or less, and then increase over several days or weeks to 2 (or more) heaping tablespoons. Refrigeration is not required.

Intensive Use: 6 or more heaping tablespoons per day. Vitamineral Green™ is food, not a supplement. It is a bio-compatible nutritional superfood. It is non-toxic and can be taken in any quantity. Add Vitamineral Earth™ (Sacred Healing Food™) for even greater benefits.

Servings per Bottle — Serving Size: 10 grams (1.5 level tablespoons)
VMGT: 2, VMG150: 15, VMG300: 30, VMGC400: 25, VMG500: 50