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Finding Peace Balance and Purpose in 2021 with Kate Magic (Audio Lecture)


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In this upended world, it's challenging to preserve our inner peace and sense of well-being. With so much conflicting information flying around, it can be difficult to discern truth from fiction, and consequently, we find a lot of disagreement on how we move out of this unwanted situation that we all appear to be stuck in.
This three-part lecture is taken from Kate's New Year Detox Retreat in Jan 2021. It's designed to provide clarity, and a framework of awareness from which you can connect more deeply into your inner wisdom, and anchor yourself in strength, balance and purpose as you navigate through the turbulence of the current global situation.
Kate offers simple but profound frameworks for understanding yourself and your place in the world in this shifting landscape, by looking through three important but much neglected lenses: prioritising the physical detoxification process and how life-transforming that is; the rise of divine feminine and consciously incorporating those principles in our lives; and applying the basic principles of metaphysics as a way of finding order in the chaos.
The intention of these lectures is to remind you of how much you already know; reinforce your understanding of how powerful you truly are; and catalyse for you how simple and easy the solutions that we seek actually are, so that you feel inspired and motivated to keep shining your light in the world.

Further Information

Part One: Cellular Detoxification (50 mins)

  • The importance of cleansing & detoxifying
  • Naturopathic techniques
  • Understanding the body as an electric channel

Part Two: The Rise of Divine Feminine (34 mins)

  • Divine feminine and divine masculine
  • Reconnecting with the feminine energies
  • The magic of creating balance in your life

Part Three: Demystifying Ascension (37 mins)

  • Understanding basic metaphysics
  • Creating your own timeline
  • Avoiding spiritual bypassing
  • Practical tools for this evolutionary stage

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