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Eterniteea - A RealiTea (150g)


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Eterniteea is a mix of reishi, foti root, cinnamon bark, schizandra berries, and goji berries. A selection of our favourite ingredients from Chinese medicine, this tea is a rich dark, almost coffee-like, blend with a light hint of cinnamon.

When you drink herbal teas made from teabags, you are not getting the full power of the herbs. Loose leaf teas that you brew yourself in the pot are barely any more effort, but you get so much more of the benefits of the herbs when you make tea this way. That's why we bring you our five unique tea blends: Eterniteea, formulated with Chinese herbs, Infiniteea, which uses Ayurvedic herbs, Femininiteea and PMTeea, our special blends for women, Clariteea, which contains two of our favourite herbs gingko and moringa, and our newest blend, Immuniteea, a delicious combination featuring hibiscus and star anise. We include goji berries in all these blends: in China, gojis are traditionally consumed this way, in tea form, plus they add a natural sweetness to these blends which means you don't need to add any sweetener in the cup.

Kate says, "I drink all our loose leaf herbal teas regularly (actually have a cup with me as I write this!), but if I had to pick one, this is the first one I created and still the favourite. Not only for the lovely earthy flavour, but for its calming yet energising, rebalancing effects. I can easily drink a litre of this in a morning."


He Shou Wu Root, Goji Berries, Schizandra Berries, Reishi Root (slices), Cinnamon sticks.


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How To Use

Each bag of tea makes about 40-60 cups of tea. We recommend brewing this tea in a teapot that has a built-in strainer. Add 1/5th packet to 1 litre water. We always use the mix twice - so we get 4cups of tea out of the 1st brew and another 4 out of the 2nd, making 8 cups in total. Make sure when you put the tea in the pot you get an even mix of ingredients - too much cinnamon or schizandra can unbalance the flavours.