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Egypt Magic Retreat Online (Sat April 20th 2024)


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Online, Sat 20th April 9am-4pm

Can't make it to Egypt? We are opening up the first day of the retreat to join us online, so you can soak in the magical Egyptian energies and join us in the activation.

Our meditations will be focussed onto connecting to past-lives in Egypt, Atlantis and Elizabethan times, which are all key points in the current timeline that we are in. Kate will explain how these points in history connect, and in our meditations we will be open to receiving information from our higher selves that help us remember more of who we truly are. This serves as an activation, so we can live our true purpose more fully at this pivotal time in the human story. Be prepared for big consciousness downloads and physical energetic upgrades!


9.0am Opening circle
10.0am Yoga & meditation
12.0pm lunch break
1.0-4.0pm QHHT past-life group regression session

What is QHHT?

QHHT is a therapeutic practice developed by Dolores Cannon over nearly 50 years of practice. It’s a method of hypnosis which takes people back into their past lives, and even into memories from before they were human. It’s a way of discovering more of your soul’s history. Kate is a qualified Level 2 QHHT practitioner.

What is a Group Regression?

This group regression is an opportunity to get a taster of QHHT. In a group session, you don't go as deep as you do in a 121 session, which is why it's safe to hold it online. You will be taken into a state of light hypnosis where you will receive information that will help you for where you are in your life at this time. You will also join in a meditation to help you connect to your Higher Self and notice if there are any messages coming through for you.

Further Information

Who Is This For?

  • Those who want to gain tools and insights to live a magical life
  • Those who are interested in exploring past lives, particularly the connection between Atlantis and Egypt, and Egypt and the Renaissance
  • Those who are ready for a DNA activation

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How To Use

You will be sent the Zoom link to join us for the day when you book. Please bring a notebook and pen, and have your yoga mat set up ready for the day, along with any cushions and blankets you may want to make yourself comfortable.

The session will not be recorded in order to protect the energy of the portal, you need to join live if you wish to attend.

Please read our cancellation policy before booking. When booking any event, you accept the terms of the cancellation policy. If you need to cancel after you've booked, here are the refund details:

There is a non-refundable deposit of £15. If you cancel before 12th April, we refund you whatever you have paid less £15. If you cancel on or after 12th April, we are unable to offer you any refund. You may find someone else to take your place and transfer your booking into their name, there is no additional charge for this, although it is up to you to make all the arrangements, we cannot do this for you.