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Cordyceps powdered extract 10:1 (90g) - Shaman Shack


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Cordyceps is a Chinese natural plant food, derived from fungi. Cordyceps is a Chinese natural plant food, derived from fungi, that you can use as a culinary ingredient in a variety of ways.

Cordyceps is a highly prized mushroom in Chinese herbology. This is one of the strangest phenonema in nature. The mushroom releases its spores into the atmosphere in the high Himalayan mountains, there a specific type of caterpillar lives in this otherwise barren alpine setting. A spore of Cordyceps must land directly between the eyes of the caterpillar, then begins to spread its mycelia into the worm, eventually completely consuming it, but retaining the same shape. The resulting body of the mushroom exactly resembles the worm, yet is completely vegetarian. Then the Cordyceps grows a 'fruiting body' off of what was the head of the caterpillar, and releases its spores to begin another cycle.

Cordyceps is prized in Asia as a slightly Yang Jing tonic herb, benefitting the immune system, particularly lung immunity.


We provide you with 70 grams of high quality Cordyceps.

Further Information

Shaman Shack Herbs offers “Tonic” herbs that have been used safely and effectively for centuries by ancient seers, shamans, and Taoist masters. These herbs are thought to have been used in the famous “Elixirs of Immortality” of ancient Chinese folklore. They specialize in whole herb formulas for true herb connoisseurs; a little extra work cooking tea is well worth the effort and also, you get to touch, taste and connect with the real herbs as you prepare the tea. They source the highest quality herbs for their products; herbs grown by old-school farmers of many generations, in wild lands of Northern Manchuria and other regions in China and Korea that have been kept safe from pollutants. A trip to these areas is like going back centuries into a simple past, where the herbs are collected from the wild and farmed by people who do things according to ensconced traditions. We hope that you can feel the difference.

Shaman Shack is a Californian company, who produce some of the most outstanding Chinese herbal formulations available. We were the first to bring their products into Europe, and we stock all their most popular lines, so you can access these high quality ingredients easily. Unfortunately, EU laws forbid us from sharing further information on these herbs.


Click HERE to listen to the podcast with Rehmannia, the founder of Shaman Shack.

Click the above link to listen to an podcast interview between Kate Magic and Rehmannia, the founder of Shaman Shack. He has been working with Chinese herbs for over ten years, and trained with Ron Teeguarden of Dragon Herbs. His story is absolutely fascinating: he talks in-depth about how he was drawn to Chinese herbalism, and how he came to get into juicing and raw foods. They also discuss some of his formulations and the incredible ingredients he uses, such as reishi, shilajit, ormus, black bean, and rehmannia. He also talks about his book, Raw Chi, and combining raw foods with Chinese herbs for maximum benefit.

Still want more? There's another interview with Rehmannia on KateMagic.com

How To Use

This is a very concentrated product. We advise adding 1/2-1tsp in a cup of hot water. It has a rich, coffee-like taste. We also add it to smoothies and raw chocolates.