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Colosan Powder (200g) - The Finchley Clinic


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At this time it is unlikely we will have more stock until at least 2024. It is possible it will permanently unavailable/discontinued (due to production issues).

Originally designed as a general health tonic, Colosan is used by many people today as an effective colon cleanser; it’s popular because for them it maintains healthy, comfortable bowel regularity without the additional need for harsh laxatives. Many customers also report that Colosan helps them with candida yeast overgrowth and gut dysbiosis issues. Generating a reliable colon cleansing effect, Colosan aims to ensure the stool is loose while bowel movements are regular and, depending on dosage, frequent. This successfully eliminates toxicity through the bowel – it works to oxidise toxins and faecal matter, not by irritating the bowel as with conventional laxatives.

Colosan successfully achieves its oxidising effect because it contains a specialised form of magnesium oxide, a compound of magnesium and oxygen. Although plain magnesium oxide will have no effect other than to encourage laxation, the super oxygenated magnesium oxide in Colosan’s oxygen atoms are bonded together by a catalytic process thanks to the magnesium atoms forming a loose lattice. Once it reaches the digestive tract, the oxygen is released, which delivers its de-toxifying effect and cleanses the colon. Colosan capsules also contain citric acid, which contributes to the release of the oxygen.

Colosan could be useful for you if :-

  • you have to strain when having a bowel movement
  • you get constipation too easily and want to maintain a clean healthy colon
  • you are experiencing regular gas and bloating
  • your diet may be too rich or you suspect you have Candida yeast overgrowth
  • you are often fatigued and run out of energy
  • you have used fibre or psyllium based colon cleansers, but they haven’t worked


Magnesium (as hydroxide, oxide and citrate), veggie capsule (hypromellose), magnesium stearate, cellulose, silicon dioxide

Further Information

Many health practitioners contend that all disease begins in the colon and conversely that optimal well-being begins with a healthy colon. This is why we believe that for ideal health, it is critical to clear out the  accumulated feacal matter which colonic practitioners contend are typically found in the colon of the average person. There are many colon cleansing products on the market, but most of them do not have the added advantage of oxygenating the bowels at the same time. This is why we believe our colon cleansing products are the best currently available. Although some people swear by psyllium and other fibre based products, for some people they cause bloating, don't work, and are occasionally allergenic. We also think that colosan is a better approach than using botanical laxatives, which are in our view, in essence gut irritants. Because such products do not oxygenate the colon, they do not deter anaerobic micro-organsims.

Colosan is a magnesium based colon cleansing product which we originally sourced as an alternative for Homozon, as we were unable to obtain regular supplies. It contains a third more powder than Homozon and costs far less. The two products are basically very similar, though Colosan has a nicer texture. We have been selling it now for nearly 20 years, and we still have people buying it now, who were purchasing it in the late 1990's. Clearly this is a product with a loyal following for those seeking good colon health.

Colosan powder vs capsules

There is no clinical difference between the powder and capsules. For many the capsule version is the easier and more convenient way to consume Colosan but that is not a clinical difference. The only difference is that the powder does not contain citric acid and the capsules do. For this reason, we recommend the powder to be taken with a squeeze of lemon or lime or to ensure there is sufficient acid in the stomach to produce optimal results. But you get a lot more for your money gram for gram with the powder than the capsules

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a highly beneficial nutrient for the vast majority of people, but its consumption is not recommended within two hours of taking an oxygen product. Don’t worry; if you do, no harm will occur, but theoretically Vitamin C and Colosan may cancel out each other’s effect.

Beware of fake Colosan

Please note, any product being advertised somewhat amateurishly (to say the least) as ‘Magnesium Oxide (Colosan)’ but without the Colosan label, is NOT the genuine Colosan which we provide, has not been through the same processing and is not recommend by its manufacturers with whom we have direct contact. Unless this ‘product’ has been through the unique proprietary oxygenation process that the genuine Colosan has, it’s very unlikely to have an oxygenating effect. A magnesium oxide ‘product’ pretending to be Colosan will not oxygenate the body without the unique process provided by the original manufacturer.


Click here to play the interview with Mark Lester of The Finchley Clinic, talking about over 25 years in the health food industry, the benefits of oxygen therapy, and introducing us to the cutting-edge health products colosan, PQQ, and NADH.

How To Use

The recommended label dosage is a heaped teaspoon 1-2 times per day. This is equivalent to about 4-6 capsules. If you only want to promote regularity, half to one rounded teaspoon once per day is usually enough. For some people even a quarter of a teaspoon is sufficient.

When taking Colosan Powder, please read the instructions on the label regarding taking lemon juice (limes are equally acceptable). This can be taken neat or diluted. If citrus disagrees with you, one can also use a teaspoon of diluted apple cider vinegar.

(You do not need the lemon juice with Colosan Capsules as they already contain citric acid, but the juice of a 1/4 of a lemon does strengthen the effect if you have a low level of stomach acid.)