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Hemp Extract 800mg 'Entourage' Oil (20ml Spray)


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Love CB* Oil is an exciting new product that you will be hearing a lot more about. LoveCB* say their New Double Entourage Oil is a game changer. "We've been working on this Double Entourage Oil for months now, experimenting with different hemp strains and varying ratios - and we're convinced we've created a unique and peerless hemp extract oil. The Entourage Oil is our flagship product and so we knew we couldn't release this 14% Double Entourage oil until we had completely nailed the formula. We have... and we're certain you'll be delighted with the results."

Hemp Extract Oil contains terpenes from five different strains of cannabis sativa. Terpenes are the compounds that cause the famous hemp aroma: they’re basically essential oils. Among the terpenes present are Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha-Pinene and Beta-Caryophyllene.

Our Hemp Extract Oil is 100% legal and comes from hemp grown by farmers in the Netherlands, Lithuania, Croatia and Slovenia. These are specific strains of cannabis sativa that the European Union legalized in the 1990's. These strains were chosen for their low THC content - but fortunately some of these strains contain large amounts of other hemp extracts.

Love CB* believes in the medicinal qualities of hemp, but we also believe in letting the customer know exactly what they’re buying. We therefore understand that our products must be regularly tested to ensure they contain the amount of hemp the customer has paid for.

In addition to testing for cannabinoids, every batch is also tested to ensure it doesn’t contain heavy metals and pesticides.

Our hemp is grown on farms that do not use pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers or harmful chemicals.

The Entourage Oil is extracted without the use of solvents. We use CO2 Extraction, which is considered the safest method of extraction. With CO2 extraction, warm air is passed over the cannabis flowers until the oils are released

    • 20ml bottle

    • 800mg of hemp extract Per 20ml bottle

    • 0.16ml of oil per spray

    • 6.4mg of per spray

What is 'The Entourage Effect'?

The Entourage Effect began as a concept devised by Raphael Mechoulam, the man who first isolated different hemp extracts back in the 1960’s. He theorized that the 80+ cannabinoids in the cannabis plant work better together.

Since then, GW Pharmaceuticals – a pharmaceutical corporation working with cannabinoid medicines – have spent tens of millions studying this cannabinoid “Entourage Effect”. They have proven that Mechoulamn’s theory was correct: cannabinoids work best together.

Now, Love CB* have taken the Entourage Effect to the next level.

Some strains are also high in CBG, some strains are high in CB*A and some strains are high in CBC. When combined it becomes a cocktail of cannabinoids.

Other companies are selling what is called “Isolated” or “Pure” – it is usually derived from hemp stalks rather than flowers and the extraction process only keeps one kind of cannibinoid, discarding the CBG, CB*A, CBC, CBN and BCP, and the hundreds of other active and non-intoxicating compounds naturally found within the flowers of the hemp plant. These are all ecannabinoids in their own right, but when taken together they create a synergy known as “The Entourage Effect”.

These companies have apparently never heard of “The Entourage Effect” – nor have they heard that hemp flowers are where the real goodness lies.

But at Love CB* we only use HEMP FLOWERS, never stalks… in our view chucking away the flowers and extracting the stalks makes no sense.

We also love The Entourage Effect – 14% Love CB* Oil is filled with non-intoxicating cannabinoids: including CBC, CB*A and CBG.

From Sativa Hemp.

Please Note: This oil cannot be vaporized. It is intended for oral use only


Hemp extract. olive oil

Further Information

What Is CB*?

Cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. It was once over-shadowed by THC (the compound in cannabis sativa that causes a “high") but in the last five years there has been a dramatic increase in scientific research into this particular hemp extract. This research has been conducted in attempts to understand the medicinal benefits of it. We are forbidden by EU law to tell you about any of this research. As the amount of scientific research has exploded in the last few years, so has the awareness of it among the general public.

Following a CNN documentary, hemp extract as a possible treatment for certain severe conditions became the focal point of the research. Some of the most conservative states in the union have legalized these particular strains of cannabis as a result of the documentary, with parents in many states taking it upon themselves to force law changes. These parents became unlikely champions for medical cannabis, and through their efforts the landscape has been changed, irrevocably.

It is now the poster child of medical cannabis and medical hemp. We are not allowed to tell you about any of this though.

Due to this overwhelmingly encouraging research, we can expect to see much more science undertaken in the next five years, including several clinical trials, but what we already know is that it is a profoundly medicinal compound which will continue rising to prominence in the years ahead.

Love CB* is a UK company who set out in 2014 to bring the highest quality hemp extract oil products to the public. We were tired of seeing weak oil being sold online, and tired of reading about people who felt ripped off by the high price and low amount of cannabidiol in the oil. We knew that Love CB* oil had to be the best quality, and we knew it had to be cheaper than the oil being sold to the UK, EU and North American markets.

We intend to be there making our case for cannabinoid medicine, and for the king of the cannabinoids.


How To Use

1-2 Sprays Under The Tongue (keep it there for 30 seconds), Taken Before Meals. This 20ml bottle should last roughly 1 month.

You can not get high from this oil, however much you take. It does not cause intoxication. THC does, but there are only trace amounts of THC in our oil. Our oil contains less than 0.2% THC. This means you are highly unlikely to test positive for THC in a drug test. However it remains a possibility that THC will be found. Our advice is this: if your job depends on passing a drug test do not take hemp oil.