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Strawberry Powder Raw (100g)


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Raw, concentrated, air-dried, natural Strawberry fruit powder, adds an interesting depth of flavour to all raw desserts. This strawberry powder adds deliciousness to your dishes, plus makes them a wonderful pink colour.

The fruit is dried at low temperatures of less than 34 degrees, to allow slow evaporation of almost all of the water contained in the fruit.

Our fruit powders are not organic, although our supplier is working towards this. They are all 100% pure, entirely natural, GMO free, with no colouring, flavouring or other additives, texturizing agents of any kind. Low temperature dehydration allows the evaporation of nearly all the water contained inside the fruit: 10 Kg of fresh fruit, produces 1 - 3 Kg of dehydrated fruit, with the same organoleptic qualities.


100% Strawberry

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationper 100g
Energy352 Kcal 1473 kj
of which saturates0.17g
- of which sugars51.6g
Dietary Fiber22g

How To Use

Use in place of fresh berries when they are out of season. Try Strawberry powder, or any of our other fruit powders, in smoothies, milks, raw chocolate recipes, raw fudge, Irish moss delights, hemp milks, or chia puddings.