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          What is 'Methylsulphonylmethane'?

MSM is simply organic Sulphur: widely overlooked, it's the third largest ingredient in our bodies. It's in rainwater and plants, but our soils are depleted and our cooking destroys it. It's many benefits depends on the quality, it must be organic, not synthetic. There are two methods used for purifying MSM, crystallisation and distillation.

Crystallisation is cheaper and risks impurities. Our Raw Living MSM is purified by distillation, and is 100% pure. MSM helps all biological processes work more effectively, dramatically improving the permeability of the cell. MSM is a carrier - it helps draw oxygen and nutrients into the cell, and escorts toxins out.

MSM is known to increase energy, accelerate healing, aid detoxification, improve flexibility and is known as the 'beauty mineral', because of its benefit to skin, teeth, nails and hair.

How Much Should I Take?

We recommend around 30g-40g a week, especially for sports professionals, yogis, manual labourers, those recovering from an accident or injury, and anyone with inflammatory joint issues.

If you’re doing extreme amounts of exercise, or you’re looking to heal quickly, you can take up to double that. But be warned, if you take too much it can become detoxifying, and you might find yourself feeling enervated and restless, as if you’ve drunk too much coffee. This is just excess energy being released in the body, and nothing to worry about, simply slow down your dosage to a level that feels more comfortable.

What’s the best way to get your daily dose of MSM?

Unfortunately, unlike a lot of other superfoods, you can’t just put it in a smoothie! MSM has a strong, bitter, and well, sulphurous flavour, which is hard to disguise. Add it to a fruit smoothie or some date and nut energy balls, and you’re going to ruin them, sadly.

So here are our suggestions on how to get it down:

  • Just put it in a glass of water, stir well, and knock it back. Quick and easy! 1tsp in your water makes a great first thing in the morning drink, especially for those of us who are getting older, and feel a little creaky in the mornings.
  • Add it to orange juice. The sweetness of the orange juice will mask the flavour a little. It still won't taste great though!
  • Make MSM lemonade with coconut water and lemon juice. This is a very refreshing, cleansing drink, perfect after exercise. The tartness of the lemon disguises the bitterness of the MSM a little. Add some honey, stevia or maple syrup if you wish.
  • If you are familiar with naturopathic techniques, you may also want to consider MSM enemas. Putting MSM in your enema water is a very effective way to get it absorbed into the body. Add 1T MSM to 1 litre water and blend to dissolve, before using it in your enema bag. 

I'm Looking To Heal Fast, Help!

For those who are recovering from an injury, a daily dose of MSM can really speed up the process of healing, especially when taken in conjuction with Chlorella powder. Chlorella powder contains a unique substance called CGF, which means it supports the body in repairing and rebuilding cells.

We can also recommend high strength Curcumin, for reducing inflammation and lessening the pain. Take three capsules, as many times a day as you feel the need (not more than once an hour).

Sleeping grounded is also a great practice for those with painful inflammatory conditions. And we have some great topical MSM creams that you can apply externally.

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