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          The Science Of Health

To the Western mind, science is a god, the ultimate arbiter of right and wrong. If you can’t prove it scientifically, there remains a shred of doubt to its veracity, no matter if it’s a thing that has been practiced for thousands of years by billions of people (eg Chinese medicine, Yogic philosophy), vs pharmaceutical science which is newly emerging and has been around for less than a century. The lack of scientific back-up is what is always used to cast doubt on the things people like myself believe in, like yoga, herbs, crystals, organic food, sound healing, energy medicine, and so on.

Except for, along with so many things in our world, scientific understanding of health and the body has progressed particularly rapidly in the past couple of decades. Since the emergence of quantum physics, scientists have been rethinking the entire paradigm of understanding that scientific rationalism occupies, and our comprehension of the interrelationship of all things has escalated exponentially, in a way that you don’t see reflected in mainstream medicine or the education system. In particular, our understanding of the importance of the microbiome, the function of hormones and neurotransmitters, and how deeply connected the systems of the gut, the brain, and the immune system all are have all made huge leaps in the last twenty years.

Briefly, here’s a by no means exhaustive list of things that will boost your immune response. All of these measures are inexpensive, if not free. All of them are easily implementable and accessible to all. All of them simply involve connecting into our natural state of well-being, the abundant life force energy of the universe, and our sovereign power as human beings.

  • Sleep hygiene. Sleep is when we recharge. The body cannot do that effectively if it still perceives threats. Sleep with blackout blinds or an eye mask to reduce light pollution and stimulate melatonin production. Make the bedroom a sanctuary, an electrical free zone full of plants and crystals. Turn off all electro-magnetically polluting devices at night ie phones, WiFi.
  • Have a gratitude practice. Daily journaling, or just setting aside time every day to give thanks, has been shown in multiple studies to lower blood pressure, improve sleep, boost energy, lower pain levels and reduce depression .
  • Have a mindfulness practice. Make it a part of your regular routine to meditate and/or spend time in nature as a reset to the nervous system.
  • Oxygenate with exercise, laughter, and even oxygen supplements if you feel it’s necessary. Disease cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment.
  • Include probiotic foods every day in order to create a healthy biome. You can find plenty on our website, or you can make your own. Almost every recipe on KateMagic.com includes probiotic foods or drinks.
  • Consider using a zapper to support immunity.
  • Eat the rainbow. Making sure we eat foods of every colour is an efficient way to make sure we are getting a wide variety of nutrients. An alkaline plant-based diet is the most healing diet.
  • Eat raw! Raw foods are the most immune boosting foods. Never has there been a better time to explore the healing benefits of a high raw diet. Luckily for you, I have a new book coming out this month! Raw Transitions, a 28 day menu guide for transitioning into a raw food diet, to help you do just that.

This is an edited extract from Kate's article, "Regain Your Sovereign Power." You can read the entire article here.