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          Pine Needle Extract And Understanding Shikimate Pathways

What Is a Shikimate Pathway?

The shikimate pathway is a series of biochemical reactions found in plants only, not animals. It's important to understand that everything happening in our bodies is conversational and interdependent, meaning that the constituent parts of the foods we intake are communicating with all the different types of cells in the body, and these conversations are ongoing.

Shikimates affect our ability to manafacture critical amino acids, and also affect brain chemistry. A damaged shikimate pathway can shut down the health of the microbiome, and also means we have a harder time detoxifying heavy metals. Generally it is going to cause more degenerative and auto-immune diseases. As it is a precursor to dopamine, it can also cause depression.

Although humans do not have a shikimate pathway, many strains of our gut bacteria do. Including plants that are high in shikimic acid are essential to the health of these bacteria, and so the health of the gut biome. This is a beautiful example of how plants support our health, and work synergistically with our bodies.

What Is A Spike Protein?

A spike protein is an antigen, created in the body by the novel virus. The experimental injections that people have been choosing to have over the last 18 months have caused the body to produce spike proteins and replicated the mechanisms of the virus. These spike proteins attach to human cells as a means of gaining entry to the cells. This is both how the novel virus spreads, and why a person who has recently received an experimental injection will be able to transmit the virus to people around them through what is being called "spike protein shedding."

How Can Pine Needle Extract Help?

Pine needle extract is one of the highest natural sources of shikimic acid. The health of the shikimate pathway is increased by including plant sources of shikimic acid in the diet. It will promote the health of the microbiome and reduce the risk of platelet aggregation (which leads to heart attacks and myocarditis), as well as reducing inflammation and being anti-fungal.

It has also been shown that glyphosate herbicides inhibit the shikimate pathway in humans, so people who consume non-organic foods are also more at risk of imbalances in the gut microbiome, leading to associated heart conditions, auto-immune disorders, and depression. Manafacturers of Roundup and other glyphosates claim that because humans do not have the shikimate pathway in our cells, these chemicals are not toxic to us.

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Other good sources of shikimic acid stocked on Raw Living include: schizandra, triphala, gingko, and wheatgrass.