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          Phoenix by SuperTonic Herbs - Supporting Women Over 50

My mother went through menopause when I was 10 years old. Watching her struggle, I sought to find out why she experienced this difficult ordeal. That began my path as a health practitioner, and ultimately led to the creation of products -- one of which I'd like to talk about today - Phoenix.

Now, I know my mother’s symptoms were intensified by severe stress.

Menopause, and andropause in men, causes changes in hormone balance. For both sexes, the drive to reproduce abates, ideally freeing us to refocus from our nuclear family to the larger human community.

But, while men are hardwired to respond to acute stresses, women are not… Women need to feel safe. When women are under constant stress and anxiety, the primary female hormone, progesterone, is cross-synthesized into androgens. 

At menopause, percentages of progesterone and estrogen reduce in relation to androgen hormones. During this life-stage, women are best suited to be our leaders. But progesterone depletion causes imbalances in estrogen, and can affect women’s energy.

In a more evolved future, mid-life women will best represent our communities and run our politics, and I can state with certainty that we would have a much better, more compassionate, healthier society, with equality for all, and we would take better care of our planet.

Phoenix is my formula to support women at mid-life and beyond. There are four primary concerns during and after menopause.

  1. STRESS: Consistent stress can deplete Progesterone, the primary female reproductive hormone responsible for all estrogen synthesis. This can cause hormonal imbalances, and symptoms including hot flashes.

  2. HORMONE SUPPORT: Mid-life women can rely on certain nutritives, primarily diosgenins, found in yams and many other foods, to assist regulation of the primary female hormones.

  3. BONE/TENDON/LIGAMENT: Bone density requires adequate progesterone to support osteoclasts. At menopause, progesterone synthesis is reduced, which can affect bone density.

  4. PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL STAMINA: Like all of us, mid-life women can benefit from herbs and nutratives that help support lasting energy and spiritual fortitude.

Phoenix contains four primary herbs, used by women the world over for millennia, to help support balance during the shift and beyond.

  1. Dioscorea is a wild yam, high in Diosgenins; precursors to progesterone.

  2. Eucommia Bark is the top bone/tendon/ligament herb in Asian herbal medicines.

  3. Reishi mushroom offers emotional and spiritual fortitude.

  4. Ho sho wu, Morinda, and Rehmannia are herbs said to tonify the kidneys.

And so, I am thrilled to offer this super-sophisticated formula to help support the needs of an under-represented and under-respected demographic of our society.

 Phoenix is safe and beneficial for all women from approx. age 40 and over.