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          Win £100 Of Superfoods For Your Community - Apply Now

UPDATE: The winner was Made in Hackney, a plant-based community cookery school and food delivery service in East London. We will be updating you with more about what they do and how we are supporting them soon.

We are passionate about the power of plants to facilitate healing, and it is central to our mission to spread the magic of the herbs and foods that mother nature provides. We are always looking for new ways to do that, and so we have decided to offer a new charity partner programme, and are now open to applications from you.

We are giving away £100 worth of Raw Living branded products, if you have a local charity that you know would benefit. We are particularly keen to support children and low-income families.

Maybe you train a local kids' football team and you know that they would love some maca so that they can win more matches! Perhaps you volunteer to support the elderly in your community, and you want to share MSM with them to help with their mobility. Do you run a home-ed group and would love some Lion's Mane extract to help the teenagers with their exams?

We don't know who's out there, but we know that there are so many people who could benefit from the amazing products that we offer, but who might see them as out of reach, because of income or just lack of awareness.

So please write to us with your proposal for which Raw Living products you would love to share with your community and why, and this month, we will pick one winner to send out an exciting Raw Living package to. All we ask in return is to get some lovely feedback from your group about how they enjoyed the products and the positive impact that the prize had. We are going to trial this for July, and if we get a good response, it is something we will look at continuing.

To apply, send an email to hello@rawliving.co.uk telling us about who you work with, which products you would love, and why you think your group would benefit from some Raw Living magic.


You are an existing Raw Living customer (placed a minimum of 2 orders before 5th July 2022).

Competition ends midnight 1st Aug 2022. We will send you the products by 5th August.

The winner will receive £100 worth (full retail value) of Raw Living branded products, with free shipping included, no further discounts applicable.

The winner agrees to send us at least 10 photos of the products being used and enjoyed, and at least 3 written testimonials of the positive impact that receiving the products had, by 30th Sep 2022, or you will be invoiced for the products at a discounted rate of 20% off the full price.