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          Eating Healthily On A Budget

You don't need us to tell you about the crazy rise in the cost of living currently. As well as fuel bills going through the roof, food inflation in the UK is currently at 8.6%. and is predicted to rise as much as 15% this year.

Whereas super foods used to be seen as luxury items, priced way above the usual household staples, the gap is now much smaller, especially when you buy in bulk. We haven't raised any of our Raw Living brand super food prices in the last couple of years, in fact, the reverse: items like Spirulina (down to £16.99/kg) and Barleygrass (£29.99/kg) have dropped. As we grow as a business, and are able to order in bigger quantities, we pass those savings onto you, and our prices reflect that. Chia was £80/kg when we first imported it - now its £7.99/kg! Maca used to be £40/kg - now its just £12.99.

Add that to the fact that the toxic overload that our bodies are exposed to is worse than ever: aluminium and barium in the air, glyphosates in the food supply, chlorine in the water, and novel viruses circulating widely. All things that our younger selves did not have to contend with, and that are causing an increased burden on our health.

It's never been a wiser move to stock up on super foods and allocate a part of your regular household budget to them. We currently don't have any plans to raise prices, and will let you know if that becomes an unavoidable option.

For now, these are our top tips to eating healthily on a budget:

  • Shop at the Farmers' Market, or even better, grow your own! But always eat local and seasonal fruit and veg for the best prices.
  • Make your own ferments and pickles.
  • Grow your own sprouts and indoor greens.
  • Use seeds over nuts - not only are they more affordable, they are more easily digested as well.
  • Buy your favourite super foods in bulk. Most have a 1-2year shelf-life, and as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place, will be good for far longer than that.
  • Remember, most super foods work on a level more similar to flower essences or homeopathy, in that it is not necessary to take large amounts, it's more about getting the energy of the plant into the body. 1/4 teaspoon is often enough as a maintenance dose, and there are none that warrant regularly taking more than 1tbsp (10g) a day.

Who knows what craziness is up next on the global stage, but we do know that eating foods like Reishi, Maca, Chlorella and Cacao every day helps keep us strong and stable, no matter what chaos is unfolding around us.