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          David Wolfe's Spike Protein Neutralization Strategy

We are not allowed to say anything about this list! But you can find many of the products in our Quack Scenecollection here.

  • 1-6 drops Colloidal Silver per day
  • 1200-2400mg NAC per day
  • 30-80mg zinc per day
  • 10,000 IU Vit D per day
  • 30ml Liposomal vit C twice a day
  • 500-1000mg Quercetin twice a day
  • Iodine (start with 1-2 drops a day)
  • C60 (1-3 droppers a day)
  • Charcoal 2-4 capsules a day
  • 100-200 mg Serrapeptase  a day
  • Oxygen & ozone therapies

Also recommended for their high shikimate content: schizandra, triphala, St Johns wort, comfrey, feverfew, gingko, carrot juice, dandelion leaf, wheatgrass juice.