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          Colloidal Silver

We believe Colloidal Silver is an essential part of everyone's holistic home medicine cabinet, along with high strength Curcumin.

What are the most commonly consumed pharmaceuticals? Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.Widespread use of antibiotics, and the fact that they are prescribed almost as a default at the onset of illness, does nothing to help the body create natural immunity, just as anti-inflammatories do not support the body in reducing the cause of inflammation. All disease symptoms are the body sending signals that something is up, and when we pay heed to those symptoms, we can go about correcting the imbalance in the body, but when we look at them in isolation and suppress them, whatever caused them goes on unchecked and is likely to progress to a worse condition over time.

It may seem like splitting hairs, but although the immediate result of taking a pharmaceutical can be similar to using nature's remedies, the pathway to that result is very different, and has taken your body on a different trajectory. When a person has symptoms of disease, let's say for example a virus, by supporting the body's innate healing ability, you are developing and strengthening your immune system; whereas by using pharmaceuticals not only are you not getting to the root cause, you are not letting your immune soldiers get any training, and so you have a weak defence force.

So we begin to see how the stage is set for chronic conditions to occur, that then lead to fatalities. Decades of interventionist medicine in the body, usually beginning now in infancy with Calpol and a vaccine schedule that begins at 8 weeks in the UK, means every time the body sends out a signal for healing, the signals are progressively ignored, and the signals from the body have to get louder and louder to be heard.

Everything that you might consider taking an antibiotic for, you can try colloidal silver instead. Research has shown its efficacy in treating:

  • Throat and oral conditions - use a spray bottle in the mouth
  • Ear infections - use it in a dropper bottle
  • Eye infections - put some on cotton wool and carefully wipe the eye
  • Any skin conditions - rashes, bites, stings
  • Fungal infections eg athlete's foot & coldsores
  • Burns including sunburn
  • Stopping flus & viruses in their tracks
  • For cystitis & vaginal yeast infections, soak a tampon in silver
  • As a food preservative eg add a teaspoon to 1 litre almond milk to help it keep longer in the fridge
  • As a water purifier
  • For food poisoning
  • Can also be used on pets

And the list goes on!

We are proud to offer Nature's Greatest Secret Colloidal Silverproducts. A family-run business, and produced here in the UK, they make high quality products at affordable prices. There are a gel and a cream for skin conditions, pure silver in a family size bottle, in a spray bottle, a dropper bottle, and a travel bottle, two scented deodorants, an aftersun gel and a foot cream. Let us know how you get on!